James Maslow Writes On The Switch Up Dance And His New Goals For Dancing With The Stars

At Parade.com, James Maslow writes about this past week’s Jive with Peta and rehearsals leading up to it. He pulled some muscles in his hamstring, so, it made rehearsing that much more difficult. He also talks of the Switch Up dance this week and what he thinks he needs to do next to get a “10” from the judges. More below and at Parade.com.

We’ve got a couple more tricks left, but if I want to stay in this competition. I think I’ll need to do something new and exciting in order to get a 10 from the judges. I think it’s going to take a combination of really perfecting technique, performance, and difficult choreography. I think we had most of those factors last night, but obviously technique wasn’t perfect and I think that as the weeks go on I’m going to continue to get better and hopefully have something that moves the judges. And that might take a more emotional piece over a high-energy piece, they seem to really enjoy those.

Going into the switch this week, for the most part I’m just going to try and do my best and hopefully have a conversation with whoever my dance partner is today and say, “look, I know this score doesn’t help you out, but please do your best to make it a killer dance.” And I think they will, because I don’t think they want to look bad ever, so that works to my advantage. Strategy is just to work as hard as I can and hopefully get what I need from them, and if not, work extra time on my own. I have no clue who I’m dancing with yet, or what the dance is, but I’ll tweet about it unless they tell us otherwise.