PureDWTS Gossip Talk: Maria Menounos To Replace Erin Andrews?

Update: GossipCop is reporting that it is just a rumor. Doesn’t make it any less fun to consider Maria as host.

I imagine this is total gossip from Showbiz Spy, but, it made me think of Maria Menounos and what a great host of Dancing With The Stars she could be. Would you be up for it next season if she were to replace Erin?

Insiders claim that the 35-year-old earned enemies due to her diva behavior, including arriving late and complaining about things like her wardrobe and parking spot.

“Her cold, masculine commentary might work well on the football field, but it just comes across as harsh on Dancing With the Stars.

“Producers love Maria’s charm and easygoing way with celebrities. Plus, her experience talking to celebs during difficult moments is second to none. That’s what this show needs.”

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