Cody Simpson Talks About The Switch Up Dance On DWTS, Learning The Fox Trot, And More (Video)

If you go to, you can watch Cody Simpson on Veria Living Live talking about Dancing With The Stars and the Switch Up dance. Below is a quote for what he says about it. Note how he’s currently learning the “Fox trot”. More at the link!

“I actually just met my new partner, which is a secret until Monday, but it’s different!” the singer said in an interview on Veria Living Live. “I’ve just become so used to having Witney [Carson] as my partner, and we’re both so young that we work very well together. So to have to switch it up just as you’re getting in the flow of things is a little different. But, it’ll be nice. I’m going into it with a positive attitude, like — hey, go away for a week, learn something new from someone else, and be able to bring it back to your original partner and hopefully be stronger than ever.”

Spoiler: If you’d like to know who Cody’s partner is for the switch up dance, see this post.

ETA: Below is Cody on Hello Ross…