Diana Nyad Writes About Her Journey On Dancing With The Stars

Diana Nyad wrote about her complete journey on Dancing With The Stars. She had such an amazing time and loved the cast so much, that she had withdrawals after being eliminated. Here is more from the Huffington Post….

I found each and every pro and celebrity warm and caring and embracing of the moment, as were Henry and I. Most of us would practice at the same location. We’d help each other with both the emotional stuff going on and with our actual routines. Sean Avery said to me one day: “I suck at this!” Sean’s an athlete, both intense and demanding of himself. And I said to him: “OK, let’s say you do suck. So why don’t you go out there and suck double time?” And Sean had similar advice for me. He appeared sullen to some. I really liked him.

Derek Hough showed me a great deal of respect. He took the time to watch The Other Shore documentary and welled up with tears in telling me how much the story moved him. I have read several tweets saying too bad I’m not still on the show because, after Derek constantly having talented partners, it would be some kind of poetic justice to wind up with me on the switch week — finally a true challenge for him. Sorry to disappoint, Derek.

Who can doubt that Meryl Davis is arguably the most talented dancer ever to perform on the show? She is simply dazzling. She and Maks make their complex routines appear effortless. I am in awe. Whenever one of the stars can allow their pro partner to show off, then you’ve got magic working on the floor. As a matter of fact, as an unabashed fan, I can safely declare this to be the highest level of talent among the stars in the history of the show. Along with Meryl, James is smooth as butter. Charlie is light as air, so very debonaire. Danica executes such a high technical and artistic level every time she steps on the floor. Candace has body control and expression in spades. And Amy Purdy is nothing short of miraculous.

Henry and I pretty much knew the depth of the field our very first morning together, for the first Good Morning America announcement of the cast. We were in the make-up trailer at 1:30am. Charlie and pro Tony Dovolani were kidding around doing some triple spins on the toes of their sneakers, landing with a sharp staccato pose for cameras at the end of the spins. Henry and I needed no words. Then, Meryl came over to take a piece of fruit from the buffet table. She just can’t help her grace. She lightly spun, lifted a pointed toe toward the ceiling as she took a slice of cantaloupe. Again, no need for words between me and Henry. Just then, in humorous relief, Billy Dee struggled by with a cane. Surely, we thought, there’s one we can beat. But we were soon to learn none of that mattered. All we could do is live our time together, Henry and I, in fierce and utter conviction. And so we did.

I loved what she said about Derek! More at the Huffington Post. Thanks to Lara for sending.