Dancing With The Stars Season 18 Week 4 Las Vegas Odds To Win

Last week, Sports Bovada didn’t post their new odds for Dancing With The Stars, so that’s why you didn’t see us post on them. However, they have posted a new set of odds for Dancing With The Stars Week 4! Note how tight they are to previous seasons at this time which is a credit to this cast of dancers. Also, note how Amy Purdy moved up to second place ahead of Charlie White!! After she and Derek’s dance this past week, it’s no wonder…

Meryl Davis 7/4
Amy Purdy 5/2
Charlie White 3/1
James Maslow 10/1
Danica McKellar 10/1
Candace Cameron Bure 15/1
Cody Simpson 20/1
NeNe Leakes 25/1
Drew Carey 33/1

Odds two weeks ago:

Charlie White 5/2
Meryl Davis 5/2
Amy Purdy 4/1
Candace Cameron Bure 11/2
Danica McKellar 15/2
James Maslow 10/1
Cody Simpson 20/1
Drew Carey 25/1
NeNe Leakes 25/1
Sean Avery 33/1
Billy Dee Williams 100/1
Diana Nyad 100/1

So, what do you think? Do the odds makers have it right this week? I think they do with an exception to Nene, Drew, and Cody. I think Nene should be in last place. I think Candace should be lowered to next to last with Drew and Cody in the middle of the pack. Other than that, they have it about right.

Court and Heidi, what do you think?

Courtney: *shrug* Do the odds really even matter anymore, with all of the shady business going on behind the scenes? I feel like I’m betting on a fixed boxing match.  I guess I understand why Meryl is at the top – seems like she’s being set up as the golden girl now, after a few weeks of Charlie actually being the golden boy.  Do I think she’ll actually win? Hell no.  Mark my words, the “setting up” will backfire.  Glad to see Amy moving up; looks like everyone else is kind of staying the same.  I would put NeNe before Drew, though – I doubt the Real Housewives fanbase is going to carry her a whole lot further, past switch week.

Heidi: I’m kinda with Courtney. And I think Charlie will end up winning in the end. I think we’re going to get to some dances that Amy may struggle with and I think Meryl will come off too much like a sure thing and it will backfire. People do like an underdog and they’re the ones putting Charlie there – really, he talks in his package about how it’s nice to be at the top of the leaderboard and then he’s underscored to make sure he’s lower than Meryl? That’s not at all transparent!! If they don’t hose Meryl but good a couple times, or at least get real with Maks on not upping the choreo, I think she’ll lose.  They had her 3 points ahead of the next couples – bad idea.  I do agree that Drew will last longer than NeNe – he just has a larger fanbase and unless they start overscoring her and underscoring him, I think he outlasts her.  I do wonder if we’re going to see a “shocking” elimination of either Candice or Danica – Candace because she’s not dancing that well and is kind of in the background (note they didn’t even really show her Full House cast in the audience) or Danica because Maks is back and any cross over voting Val might have benefited from in the past is going all to Maks to help him win. And if not….well, that supports my Meryl isn’t going to win wager. 🙂  If not one of the women, possibly either Cody or James and I’m leaning toward Cody right now because James is making a strong showing.