Erin Andrews Interviewed About DWTS Replacement Rumors, The Switch Up Dance, And More

TV Guide intereviewed Erin Andrews about the rumors that the producers of Dancing With The Stars are thinking of replacing her. She immediately called producers and asked them about it. Below is what she tells TV Guide…

“I’ve got to be honest. … It kind of got me worried and scared,” Andrews told last week, noting that she immediately called producers to do damage control. “I just went back and forth with the producers like, ‘Are we good here? Please tell me what I need to work on. Please tell me what I need to do. ‘And they’re like, ‘We couldn’t be happier.'”

And below are her thoughts about the Switch Up Dance, which celebs she’s the most impressed with so far, and the stiff competition….

Next week is the switch-up. As a former competitor, how would you have felt about switching partners?
Andrews: Oh, I wouldn’t have liked it, but I like that the show’s doing it. I think every little twist and turn they can add to the show and spice it up — it’s been on for 18 seasons, so you’ve got to do something to keep it new and fresh. But I wouldn’t have liked it. You get in such a comfort zone with your pro dancer, and you know they know your weaknesses and your strengths. Somebody like Amy, who has been obviously going through so much with Derek [Hough], and Derek really seems to understand her. Not that the other pro dancers wouldn’t, but it gets you out of your comfort zone. You’re already out of your comfort zone doing ballroom dancing in front of millions of people on prime-time television, so it just adds one more element of like, oh God, what am I doing here?

Which celebs have you been most impressed with this season?
Andrews: Well, I think right off the bat most impressed and most surprised would be Amy. I don’t think any of us really knew what to expect. And to say that we’ve all been moved to tears pretty much every week is an understatement. … You know, she was already a very inspiring person, but [Derek’s] just kind of peeling off these layers for her and showing her, and showing all of us, what is possible, and that’s so special. And I just get choked up every single time I think about it, because I’m so proud of her and I don’t even really know her very well. I’m so thankful somebody like her is showing really all her strengths. You would think they would be weaknesses, and they’re not. Danica [McKellar] has been unbelievable. She’s really talented. And I think Candace [Cameron Bure] too. A lot has to be said about somebody who hasn’t taken a dance class before. Mark is a very talented and special choreographer, and he’s really playing to her strengths and I think that’s very cool to see as well. [Charlie White’s] personality is really starting to come out. I saw it especially last week. He’s so sweet. … And Meryl [Davis], I think she’s like a Disney princess. She’s just so graceful and so gorgeous, and I’m so glad she was paired with Maksim [Chmerkovskiy] for so many reasons. I’ve really enjoyed both of them.

It seems like the competition is especially stiff this season.
Andrews: My mom said that the other night. My mom watches the show, she loves the show. … I think with my year, you could kind of see that Nicole Scherzinger, was going to blow everybody out of the water. But this year, the competition [is fierce], and the stories behind it — and that’s exactly what the show wanted and needed. It’s been a really fun journey.

To read more, see TV Guide. An interesting read before show time!