DWTS Cheryl Burke Writes Of Her Switch Up Partner, Drew Carey, and More

Cheryl Burke has written a new blog at Access Hollywood. Unlike Peta, she won’t reveal who her partners is (even though we know already. :D). Though here is what she will tell you…

It’s different because you don’t know how this person learns, you don’t know how this person performs. You’ve seen your partner perform before, but you haven’t seen how they work in the studio.

It has been challenging, but it’s also been fun because it’s like starting a whole new season again. It’s like you’re starting with a whole new partner, that part of it – it’s fun, it keeps things new and you have different challenges to overcome so I think it’s good television. We’re going to see. Some people will improve and some people won’t so the pressure is really on us pros to make the celebrity we have as good as possible, especially if you already have one that’s pretty good.

More at Access Hollywood.

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