DWTS 18 Week 4 GMA Recap, Maks Chmerkovskiy And Julianne Hough Interviewed

And below is a Good Morning America recap of Dancing With The Stars last night. There is also a backstage interview with Maks Chmerkovskiy complaining about Julianne Hough’s judging. She comments too. (Do I dare comment on that? What does he mean Julianne is too young to judge him? I don’t think so. She’s just as decorated as a pro as he is! 🙄 )

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ETA: Some of the cast and pros commented on the Julianne and Maks thing too as well as Maks himself. Here is a take, but be sure to see Today for more.

Ultimately, the exchange made for good TV.

“It doesn’t matter,” Chmerkovskiy said of Hough’s remarks. “It’s not about me. People want to be entertained when they tune in.”

The Hough/Chmerkovskiy post-dance exchange was reminiscent of other interactions he’d had with judges in past seasons — there’s a reason he’s often referred to as the bad boy of the ballroom — and that’s a place Chmerkovskiy would prefer not to visit.

“We were brought back to where things were,” he noted. “I don’t like that. Just like (I don’t like) the switch-up or Disney Week or Outer Space Week. But it’s not my call. I just have to enjoy it. We’re all in the same boat together.”

Below is Julianne with On The Red Carpet….