Executive Producer Conrad Green To Exit Dancing With The Stars

Ya know… Conrad Green has received a lot of negativity because of all the changes to the show this season (and the last season), but, I don’t want him to leave Dancing With The Stars. Like it or not, he’s helped to keep this a popular show and I love it even when I’m not happy sometimes with some changes, etc. Here is more from Deadline about him leaving Dancing With The Stars.

“I’m enormously proud of everything we’ve achieved on Dancing with the Stars,” he told Deadline. “This has been the job of a lifetime and I’m thankful for every performance, every dancer and every colleague I’ve worked with over the years, and to ABC and BBC Worldwide Prods. for these past eighteen seasons. What was once a small dancing show has thrived and become a cultural phenomenon. But after almost 10 years, the opportunity to take on a project with the immense potential of Utopia was simply too good to pass up. The ambition and scale of the challenge is thrilling. I’ll miss everyone I’ve worked with on Dancing With the Stars and look forward to this next exciting chapter.”

For more, see Deadline. Thanks to Lisa for the heads up!