NeNe Leakes Pens New DWTS Blog About Being An Africa Queen To….

NeNe Leakes has written a fun blog at E Online. She writes what it was like working and dancing with Derek Hough last week, but, she is also glad to be back with Tony Dovolani this week. Here is more…

Still, I am so happy to be back with Tony this week! I LOVE Tony! Tony and I started this journey together, he’s like my other husband. We’re together everywhere we go and it feels like home being back with Tony. This week we’ll be doing the foxtrot for our Disney week and my character will be uuh… Caroola from that movie with the Dalmatians. Oh wait, it’s Cruella, yeah Cruella de Vil—I keep calling her Caroola. Anyways, I’m going to be her. She has a big personality, she’s take over and she is that lady, hunni! What an attitude! So I’m going to try and get out there and bring Caroola de Vil (Cruella, Caroola, whatever!) to the stage.

And of course, the competition is getting more fierce! Everyone that is left in the competition, we all bring something very different to the dance floor. I think that me and Drew Carey are the two that bring the entertainment, and so if you’re going to base it off of entertainment then Drew would be my main competition. But I would love to do a dance with Drew, he’s funny, he’s fun, and I’m the same way—we would do an amazing dance together and get the crowd up on their feet! We would have such a blast.

Nene Fun-Fact: Speaking of Drew, I’ve been to the Price is Right already and I’m the biggest winner as far as celebrities go! I won $77,000 and I gave it all to charity. I had so much fun and I want to tell everybody that they need to go to The Price is Right, because you could really win! I don’t even know how much a can of beans cost and I won. But hunni, let me tell you that wheel that you spin is so heavy! I watched The Price is Right growing up and it was really a dream to be in there.

To My Fans… Expect a whole lot of entertainment this week! I’m going to really try to bring Caroola de Vil, (whatever her name is!) to the dance floor. I want to pull out that character so well, so look again for fun, entertainment and a lot of character, hunni!

To read the full blog, see E Online.