DWTS18 Drew Carey Discusses Disney Week, Learning The Quickstep, And More

What an interesting new interview with Drew Carey and TV Guide. Drew talks of how fun the cast is on Dancing With The Stars and how he’s never heard any negative comment. he also talks of the differences between learn to dance between Witney Carson And Cheryl Burke. He also gives us a hint of tomorrow night’s dance. More below and at TV Guide.

What was the biggest difference between working with Witney and working with Cheryl?
Carey: Cheryl comes in and she says, “Here’s the routine.” She shows you it on her phone. It’s all mapped out, and that’s what you learn. Witney kind of made it up with me as we went. She had a general idea and … she kind of worked on it over the day and a half, then had it all figured out. Cheryl has it all down and just teaches it to me. So, that was the biggest difference. But either way works for me.

Are you bringing anything you learned from working with Witney into your rehearsals with Cheryl this week?

Carey: Cheryl likes to get all the steps down before she puts music in and Witney let me use music right away to help me learn the steps. So, Cheryl’s [now] letting me use music to learn it as I go. We already incorporated that in, which is really helping me out a lot. … It makes it a lot easier to learn and it lets me know what things are coming. Your body reacts different when you’re doing it to music. All the different stings and the horns and stuff that comes in helps you react better.

What’s been the most surprising or most challenging aspect of the show for you?

Carey: It’s a lot of hours, man. Yesterday I got done with work at 6, had a half-hour to eat dinner then I had rehearsal. … I was at rehearsal til 11:30. Went home, got up at 6:30 this morning … and got to rehearsal at 8. … And then tomorrow the same thing. The hours are brutal.

Physically, it’s not as bad as I thought it was going to be. I was training for a marathon before I started doing this, so I’m in pretty good shape. My legs are in pretty good shape. My shoulders are more sore than my legs. I’m not used to holding my arms up that much.

What are you and Cheryl working on for this week?

Carey: It’s Disney Week. I’m doing a quickstep. It’s going great. … I’m really pleased with it. It’s pretty complicated. This is my hardest one ever. There’s a lot of steps to learn, and this is the longest dance. The first dance I did was a minute and 10 seconds, and this is a minute and 30 seconds. So that extra 20 seconds is murder. It’s a lot of steps to memorize, and a quickstep is all kinds of stuff happening.