Charlie White And Meryl Davis Discuss DWTS, Disney Week, And More With TV Guide

What a great new interview with Charlie White and Meryl Davis! They talk about the Switch Up dance on Dancing With The Stars last week, the competition, what it’s like competing against each other, and the new Stars On Ice Tour. They also give a little sneak peek into tonight’s dances on Dancing With The Stars. From TV Guide….

Is it odd to be going up against each other?
White: For Meryl and myself, it just really feels like we’re in it together still. I don’t know what it would take [for us to] actually be competing against each other. At this point, coming off of winning the Olympics … we just have a different mindset coming in. We feel like we’re doing a lot of this together. And in fact, we are. Right now we’re sitting in a car together and we’re traveling all over the country together and learning these steps, and we’re on the same journey together. Our approach to everything is really just about self-improvement. It’s not so much about competing against other people. That’s how it was on the ice, and that’s how it is on the ballroom floor. So, in that sense, we feel like we have each other’s support, and I think that makes it a lot easier.
Davis: It’s hard to explain. I guess technically speaking, we are competing against each other, but it couldn’t feel further from that. We’ve been on this incredible journey together for 17 years, and our interests have been aligned almost our entire lives, so we just have this team mentality. We have this natural support for one another that has been formed over such a long period of time, and in this circumstance, I feel like we’re supportive of one another. We are having fun together. We really feel like we’re in it together.

Charlie, Erin Andrews told me last week that she feels like your personality is starting to come out more. Are you getting more comfortable in the ballroom?
White: It’s tough, with the change of dance, to get some consistency. But at the same time, I definitely do feel like I’m a lot more comfortable week to week. I do think it’s showing, and that’s super sweet of Erin to say. With the jive definitely, it was fun, and that is sort of my personality. That’s what I like to bring to everyday life, and not just the dance floor. Being able to sort of have that translate into a dance was special.

What are you working on for this week?
White: This week is Disney week. I can’t tell you the song, but we’re doing jazz. I think the whole Disney thing is about cheerfulness, and so much of it for me and for a lot of the other dancers is sort of connecting with your childhood and what made you so happy back then. I think it’s going to be a very fun and funny week that everyone should look forward to.
Davis: Maks and I will be dancing a samba. I’m excited to get going with it. … I think it’s going to be a fun week.

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