PureDWTS18 Week 5 Post Media And Interviews, Some Dances Revealed For Party Anthem Week

Wow, what a show last night from the graphics, the songs, the stories, the characters, and the dancing. We really have to commend the whole cast, the costume designers, the make up crew, and producers for everything put into this show. My Dad called right after the show and was going wild about it. *sigh an unforgettable evening for sure!!

So, for media starters and interviews after the show today, be sure to see ABC7. George Pennacchio has a great recap and some interviews. You can also view him interviewing the couples at On The Red Carpet as they uploaded some of their interviews in the night and they are excellent as always. Don’t miss them at this link and keep checking back for more. Below are a few of them. From these interviews so far, we learned that Maks & Meryl have a Tango next for Party Anthem Week. Val & Danica, Sharna & Charlie, Mark & Candace have a Cha Cha (more revealed as you scroll down).

You can also see some beautiful photos of the cast dancing at On The Red Carpet and the Daily Mail.

Also, JC Rubio (love him! He’s just as good as George!) interviewed the couples last night for Afterbuzz TV. Below is Amy & Derek and Maks & Meryl. Note how Derek & Amy have a Jive next. Keep checking this link for more.

Also, be sure to see Pure Derek Hough with more media and interviews with Amy and Derek!! There was a beautiful interview with Amy on Nightline too last night. A must see!

Lastly, E Online has a recap with the couples scores listed. They also have some video coverage.

Ok, more coming up! Stay tuned!! 😉 xx

ETA: Below is Cody and Witney on GMA today thanks to IdolXfactor (be sure you are following this channel). I’m still shocked these two were eliminated….

Cody Simpson & Witney Carson – Exit Interview… by IdolxMuzic

And here is good ol Henry of PopTVDotCom with some of the cast going to a party afterwards. Gleb is interviewed too! 🙂

ETA2: The Access Hollywood interviews are starting to come out. You can watch them here. Below is James and Peta….

Also, Today interviewed Tony. He told them he doesn’t hate Derek like the package showed last night. Below is more…

“It was a tough night,” Dovolani told TODAY after the show.

And one of the things that made it tough for him was the fact that the editing on the show framed the fracas in a way that made him look like a bad guy — at least that’s how he saw it.

“That package made me out to be the villain,” he insisted. “It made it seem like I hate Derek. I don’t hate Derek. He’s an incredible choreographer.”

Dovolani added that the spat he had with Leakes about it all was short compared to the entire week of rehearsals they shared.

“That dance we did (this week) didn’t come from nowhere,” he said. “Did we have a tiff at one point? Yes. But they never showed us making up. We walked in the day after and said, ‘Sorry, sorry; love you, love you,’ and we moved on.”

ETA3: Tony also writes about it in a new blog at Closer Weekly.

Did we have a tiff? Yes we did. But they never showed us making up. The next day we both apologized to each other, shared a big hug, said I love you and moved on.

It was hard being made the villain out of two minutes of a rehearsal day. But NeNe and I are all good. Our altercation happened a week ago and we’ve been fine ever since. We’ve gotten along from day one and that two-minute tiff was completely exploited.

Still, last night was very emotional for NeNe. I think it was a combination of everything that happened last week. She cares about me and didn’t want people thinking I was the villain. In fact, she told me, “You’re the nice guy on Dancing With The Stars, but they’re making you look bad.”

The show also made it seem like I hate Derek. I don’t hate Derek; he’s an incredible choreographer, a great dancer and more power to him. They even showed me cheering them on last week!

And below is Extra with some interviews….