Mark Ballas On Witney Carson: “She completely solidified her place as a pro”

Mark Ballas has written a new blog at She Knows. Let’s just say, he was so thankful to be called safe with Candace Cameron Bure this week. He writes about how nervous he was, but, he felt like he had a little angel on his shoulder telling him they would be ok. He was also sad about the elimination of Cody and Witney, but, one thing is for sure…he thinks Witney “completely solidified her place as a pro”. I totally agree. I definitely would like to see her come back, would you? More below and at She Knows.

When I was standing upstairs before the elimination, I had this gut feeling that we were going to be safe. I was nervous, of course, and I know Candace was too. I felt like I had a little angel on my shoulder telling me we were going to make it through. I felt confident in our dance, and that the fans were going to get behind her. So, a huge thank-you to the fans for voting for us.

I’m sad to see Cody Simpson go because I got really close to him this season. He’s a good kid: very polite, very talented and just sweet all around. It’s a shame to see him go because I enjoyed spending time with him. I’m also upset for his partner, Witney Carson. Witney was one of my students when I taught at her school in Utah, and this is her first season on DWTS. I feel like for her first season, she did an incredible job. She showed that she deserves to be here. I’m not only impressed by the work she did with Cody, but also with Drew Carey last week during the switch-up. In my opinion, she completely solidified her place as a pro here. She has the looks, the talent and the goods to back it up and be successful on the show. I think at some point, she will have a Mirror Ball trophy under her belt.