James Maslow Chats About Dancing With The Stars, The Competition, And More

USA Today interviewed James Maslow about Dancing With The Stars. He was shocked to see Cody Simpson leave last week, but, is proud for how he and Peta received 4 10’s. More below including his thoughts on if he has a chance to win and more.

He’s also putting in five hours a day of dancing rehearsal time. On the show, he has talked about how he was bullied as a kid because he was “chubby.” Although he still is careful about what he eats, he says, “I know how easy it is to go backward.”

Maslow, who attending performing arts schools from eighth grade until he graduated from high school, learned some basic dance steps along the way, but it was “never my forte.” He was more into music and acting.

Although happy with his perfect scores, he says he was surprised by teen pop star Cody Simpson’s exit this week. Simpson, 17, seemed to have a healthy young-girl fan base.

“I don’t feel safe,” says Maslow. “I think there’s a huge audience that’s been watching the show for years that’s not part of my 3 million Twitter followers.”

So far, he hasn’t suffered any injuries. “I’ve done ice baths and seen a chiropractor, but knock on wood, that’s it.”

Of all the stars still dancing, he sees Meryl Davis as his biggest threat. “People are impressed by her. I could see her being the winner.”

It almost seems unfair that the Olympians who have years of dance experience would be allowed on the show. “We’ve all thought of it that way, too but they’re really nice people,”says Maslow. “They’re on tour now and having to learn this while they’re doing that is tough. They’re working hard like everyone else. To me, it’s complimentary that I’ve gotten better scores than professionals.”

He adds, “I wouldn’t be on the show if I didn’t believe I had a chance to win it.”

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