Nene Leakes And Tony Dovolani Go Clubbing To Get Ready For Next Dance On DWTS

I wish I could have been a fly on a wall to see Nene and Tony Salsa-ing it up at a Club in Atlanta this week. Below is more from Nene at E Online on she and Tony’s new dance. Note how Nelly’s “It’s Getting Hot in Here” is their song!!

Oooh, hunni here we go! This week we’re doing a salsa. It’s Party Anthem, so we’re doing Nelly’s “It’s Getting Hot in Here,” and you better believe it, we love Nelly. I think that was one of the hottest party anthems of all time and it still sounds good. If you play it in a club, everybody still gets up and bounces to it.

Oh and we are shaking it, hunni! I’m sweating, I’m telling you. I’ve almost got an afro, my hair has curled completely up! Well we definitely want to portray the party scene, and we also want to touch on the technical of salsa, so there will be a lot of sexy moves and we definitely want to get up and make the crowd feel it, so that’s the plan.

Ooh, hunni the salsa club was amazing! It was a big Latin night out here, and we decided to go, and it was awesome. We saw a lot of moves that I will not be doing. My moves are nowhere near their moves. I mean, they are really working it out. You talk about sweating, oh my god! I don’t know. It takes a lot to do salsa. You are moving your arms, and your hips, and your feet, and I mean you are really working it. and you know, Tony can do any dance in the world, so going to the Latin club was like right up his alley. He loved it!

LOL! I love the way she writes! More at E Online. Thanks to @BridgeC17 for sending!