PureDWTS Fan Review Of Karina Smirnoff And Slavik Kryklyvyy In “Dance Legends”

As you might remember from a previous posting, Karina Smirnoff danced in “Dance Legends” in New York City last week with her former dance partner Slavik Kryklyvyy. Well, below is a fun, sweet, and touching review of the show by fan Julia aka @KarinasPerfect. She takes us up close and personal and provides some beautiful photos of Karina and Slavik too. Read on for some “awww” moments and we thank Julia so much for sending.xx

Going to see Dance Legends was one of those experiences that I’ll never forget. Seeing amazing, professional dancers light up the stage was truly stunning.

All of the dancers were amazing, but I was there for one person- Karina Smirnoff (I’ve been a big fan since I started watching in season 12). Karina and Slavik haven’t danced publicly together for 10 years. When they danced for the first time in the show, the announcer made sure to emphasize it. They started out with their rumba. Karina wore a baby blue, spaghetti strapped, high-low dress. The top part, from the top to her rib cage, was covered in multi-colored sparkles. It was similar to their old rumba, but there were slight changes, I’d assume. It was heartfelt and emotional, even causing Karina to cry at the end! (So I obviously cried too- I’m guilty! I’m so weak!) That dance was near the beginning of the second act. At the very end of the show, they did their show dance. It was like a flamenco/paso/samba fusion. (I have definitely seen it online before, the one where Slavik starts flamenco-ing in silence.) it was absolutely stunning, of course. Karina wore and outfit similar to her attire from her and Corbin’s paso dance- a red and ruffled dress. After there’s was over, they held their ending pose (picture attached) for a few moments extra, before bowing and walking off. The announcer had to invite them back on because if the applause! So they danced gracefully back on, bowed again, and walked off. When we all settled down, they invited up sponsors and said things I zoned out for. Then, they invited couples out for a last bow. Karina and Slavik came out, bowed, and got in line. They invited up important people, and played “Happy” while that was happening. Karina being who she is, naturally started jamming out and singing! It was so cute! They were escorted backstage and everyone left to take pictures on the red carpet and to go home, it was 11 at night at that point.

Being the 13-year-old fangirl I am, I stayed. Couples started trickling out for pictures with important people and interviews. We had to wait about 20 minutes to catch a glimpse of Karina and Slavik! I took a few shaky (I was too excited) pictures on my shamefully slow phone (attached). I then tried to get in “line” to wait for pictures. The entrance to the carpet was blocked by security guards. I waited another 10 minutes before they opened the carpet to the public. I tried and tried to catch Karina’s eye. Eventually, someone came I tell the crowd, including me, that Karina would take 2 more pictures and then take a break. That just wasn’t an option for me- I had already gotten text from my mom telling me to “get my a$$ home”. When the guard was gonna take her away, I tapped her shoulder. I told her that her manager, Lindsay (my hero at that point), ha requested we take a picture. (No lie.) She asked how I knew Lindsay, where I replied, “through you… I’m karinasperfect!” (That’s my IG fanpage for her that she follows). She hugged me, we talked a little, and got out picture taken. She called me by my name and by “baby” to make sure the pictures turned out well.

Of course they did! She was in them!

Overall, I wish I could’ve brought so many twitter friends with me. So I wrote this up to tell all of my non-NYC-ers about how amazing this experience was!

photo 4