NeNe Leakes Talks Of The Hardest Part Of Learning To Dance And More On Dancing With The Stars (New Interview)

TV Guide has posted a new interview with NeNe Leakes. She tells them her “Party Anthem dance with Tony is going well so far. She also talks of why she gets emotional when the judges give her feedback and why. Read on for more….

I’ve noticed that you get pretty emotional when the judges are giving you feedback. Why is that?
Leakes: To me, I just feel like we work so darn hard every week, and I’m just so happy that we get through every week. It’s tough for us. I mean, I don’t have any dance experience. Some of these people have dance experience. I have none. I’m going to do what naturally I would do if I went to a club or something, but I don’t have any [professional] dance experience. So, I feel like it’s extra hard for me, where for some of the other people on the show, they have dance experience, so it comes a lot easier for them. I’m just always proud of myself when we get through. I’m just like, wow. I’m just happy to hear any little nice comment.

What’s been the hardest aspect of the competition for you?
Leakes: The hardest part for me is the technique. Some of these dances have real technique that the judges really look for, like your leg has to be in a certain place, or your arm needs to be a certain way. That’s probably the hardest part. Everything else I feel like can [fall] in place. But when you start thinking about the technical part of it they’re going to score you on — did you have your hand out at that time, your feet were not where they were supposed to be — those are the hardest parts. It’s really hard. I always say to them, “We’re supposed to entertain and have our feet and arms moving at the same time?” There’s just a lot going on. And you have to look like you’re having fun.

What are you working on for this week?
Leakes: This week is Party Anthem Week. We are doing a salsa to Nelly “Hot in Herre.” … So far it’s going really well. I’m really happy. I’m really pleased.

You can read the full interview at TV Guide.