DWTS Season 18, Week 6 – Let’s Recap Tonight’s Show (Spoilers)

Anyone got an idea for a good drinking game? I have several… 🙂

Loved the opening number.

NeNe – that weren’t no Salsa.  And she’s safe. Now I’m scared.

Candace in jeopardy. I’m wondering if she can buy another week or if they’re just giving her fans huge hints to get voting and Drew’s on the block. I sure hope Amy is safe….

James knows he has to step it up. Took a bit too long to get the dance started. Lack of body content.  Huge break in hold. Pretty dangerous. Annnddd….Len doesn’t disappoint. There is some hope.

Ten bucks says the time wasting move of the week is Meryl taking off her coat. If I’m right, everyone DRINKS. 🙂

That was okay….but still all the walking. Congrats to Meryl anyway.

Abby lee Miller on this show is a disgrace. That is all.

So Candace and Danica are in jeopardy. Worried for Amy…but I wonder if Danica and Candace – the rivals – will be the last two standing.

And Sharna shows Maks how to put a lot of content in a dance. That was great. I love it. 🙂

And Charlie gets hosed once again. Seriously – what is up here. There is no way that Charlie was four points lower than Meryl. Is he killing it in votes or what??

Well, that was actually one of the kickiest and flickiest jives I’ve seen. Who was saying Amy couldn’t jive?? LOL – she did a great job. It’s about physics, people. She’s moving faster so it’s easier.

In the end, Drew has left the ballroom. He was my second choice, but I’m not surprised.