Val Chmerkovskiy Blogs About The Last Two Weeks On Dancing With The Stars

Val Chmerkovskiy is back with a new blog at Today. He writes about why he thinks the whole switch-up last week brought he Danica McKellar closer. He also wrote, “There may have been some insecurity when we were re-partnered, but she kept it together. She didn’t let it break her down.” You can read about that part at the link, but, he also writes about tonight’s dance saying he has been digging deep, etc. Read on….

On Monday, Danica and I are doing the cha cha. Each dance has its own flavor, life and character. I’m continuing to dig deep into the work. I also want us to continue to develop our chemistry and create something that will help move our audience each week.

I want people to acknowledge the physically demanding work that Danica puts in each week. On top of that, I demand an emotional commitment to come out through the steps. I’m so proud of Danica. As her teacher, I can honestly say that she wants to get better and better and learn as much as she can.