Carrie Ann Inaba Writes About Dancing With The Stars Season 18 Week 6

Carrie Ann Inaba’s new blog has been posted at Parade. She talks about Redfoo and the fun Macy’s Stars Of Dance! She also breaks down the dances and talks about her kitty Taz who is in his last year’s of life (I love this cat and hope he’s going to be ok). Below are her thoughts on Charlie, Sharna, Amy, and Derek. Be sure to see the link for more.

Charlie and Sharna Burgess took me back to my Fly Girl days. I was impressed with his ability to get funky. I wasn’t sure if he had it in him, but he does and he brings a special Charlie White style to everything he does. He does everything with ease. I know I’ve said it before, but he’s like a Gene Kelly or Fred Astaire. He’s got such a stylistic stamp when he dances, you know it’s him immediately. It’s fun and fresh and clean. I really enjoyed his high-octane presence, but I do think that he and Sharna will be thinking hard about their next performance. I think we need to have impact from him. We need a surprise from them. Something unexpected needs to happen in their journey towards the mirror ball trophy. He’s definitely a contender and so is Meryl, and the competition between the two of them is going to get intense.

And there is another contender…that would be Amy Purdy.

Amy and Derek’s wedding-themed performance to “Shout” blew the roof off the ballroom! She faltered in the middle of the dance and lost her balance a few times–so I couldn’t give a 10, however, WOW! She gave us kicks and flicks like I’ve never seen before. The energy was moving the right way, down and out as opposed to just outward and, I don’t want to get too technical here, but after watching this performance I realize how incredibly detailed she and Derek have to be about the catalyst of every movement due to her unique circumstance. She is understanding the movements in a way most people would never have to and it’s created (when it’s possible) a highly-detailed understanding of the technique. This is what is helping her to perform these almost miraculous performances. I’ve read a lot of feedback about Amy–a lot of people feel she is getting special treatment and a lot of people feel she’s nothing short of a hero. I think that people think she’s getting special treatment because at least one of the judges comments about how incredibly special she is, but people have to understand to watch her dance is to see this. She is special, we can’t ignore it. As dancers ourselves, this is something to be in awe of. What she does baffles the brain. If we see mistakes, we have to take off for them, but it will never take away from the incredible ability she has to put a whole ballroom in awe.