PureDWTS Exclusive: Gleb Savchenko Tells Us About The Gleb Collection, Ballroom With A Twist, And More

Would you like to have some underwear with dance names written on them? Well, dance pro Gleb Savchenko has just the place. What’s more, in a new exclusive interview below he tells us all about his new underwear line and how he came up with the idea!! Gleb also catches us up from the last time we talked. Note too how he will be dancing in “Ballroom With A Twist” coming up in May (I personally and highly recommend seeing this show. I can’t say that enough!). Lots more below! Thanks Gleb for another fun interview and we hope to talk with you again real soon. xxx

Hi Gleb! It’s so nice to see you again! How have you been? You have been so missed on Dancing With The Stars! This season has not been the same without you and I know there are a lot of fans out there who feel the same.
Hi Lisa, It’s really nic​e ​to see you too. I’ve been really good and lot’s of things been happening since​ the​ last time we talked. Thank you for being so kind and missing me on DWTS. Last week I was in the audience​,​ and it was great seeing all of ​my ​friends, ​the ​judges and production team. I really enjoyed watching the show especially​ since​ it was Disney week.

So, we hear you have a new Underwear Collection coming out soon. I’ve seen you and Elena post pictures at twitter and I’m dying to purchase some pieces!! I love how there are dance styles written on them. So cool! Can you describe your collection for us and tell us more about it?
Yes UNDERWEAR!!!! I start​ed​ thinking about it last season​,​ and it took me some time to really create a perfect design which is gonna fit your body like a second skin. I wanted to do something different and special​. ​​S​o now it’s ready!


How did you come up with this awesome idea and how were you inspired to do it?
​T​he design is all about dancing​.​ I have it for men and for women too!!! Anyone can wear it and feel comfortable and great. ​​You​ don’t have to be a dancer. GS ​t​runks offer amazing support​. They ​​stretch​​in all directions allowing for comfortable freedom.​ ​They are constructed to hug your body and maintain their shape. Comfort with a twist of seduction is what you will find when you wear them. The bra gives you supreme support and fit with stretchable, breathable mesh beneath the cups. It features an elastic under band with non stop comfort and support. It will make your work out at the gym quick and easy.​ ​GS panties​ ​are able to help control and regulate the temperature of your body. Because they are made of high quality cotton blends, they are not going to make you get quite as hot and sweaty. It’s comfortable to wear in different types of weather. I came up with this idea to design underwear a long time ago, but wanted to do something different and cool. I never was able to find underwear which I really liked and felt great about, so I decided to design my own.

Where can we find the collection and when will your new line be released?
You can find it at www.glebcollection.com ​.​​ F​ollow ​Gleb Collection ​on ​T​witter @glebcollection and Instagram @glebcollection ​. ​I will post lots of different pictures and updates.

What else have you been doing? We’ve noticed you’ve been doing some dance shows and you will be in some “Ballroom With A Twist” shows coming up.
Lot’s ​of things have ​been going on for the last few months​. ​​A​s you know I moved to LA completely​,​ and ​I have ​been teaching, choreographing and taking acting classes. There are a few projects that I’m working on right now, but until ​they are confirmed I can’t really say anything. I’m super excited though!! I’m gonna be doing Ballroom With a Twist in New Jersey on the 10-11 of May and dancing with Anna Trebunskaya and Chelsie Hightower, which I’m also excited about!

Thanks so much, Gleb!!! You rock!! Keep us posted on you!!!xx
Thank you and​ I​ look forward to talk​ing with you​​again ​soon!!!