Charlie White On DWTS: “The dance floor is a totally different kind of monster”

The Pittsburgh Post Gazette interviewed Charlie White about he and Meryl Davis’ ice skating, their gold medal, and the new “Stars On Ice” show. They also asked him about Dancing With The Stars. I love how Charlie says the dance floor is a total different monster versus the ice rink. More below. Great article! Be sure to read it in full at the link. And don’t you just love the pic above of he and Sharna dancing in the black lights? Awwww So cool! More pics at Getty Images.

Davis and White — skating partners since 1997 — have spent the past two months performing side-by-side on the “Stars on Ice” figure-skating tour and separately in ABC’s hit dance competition “Dancing with the Stars.”

It’s been an “intense” and “exhausting” saga, White said by phone Saturday, but “we’re in the best shape of our lives. We’re also having the time of our lives. And we’re not taking any of it for granted.”

The only difficult part, White said, is the dance floor.

“The ice just feels like home, especially now after I’m realizing how much I take for granted,” he said. “The dance floor is a totally different kind of monster. You think you know how to walk, but you actually have no idea how to walk like these guys.”

Monday, on the Week 6 airing of “Dancing With the Stars,” Davis and partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy tangoed to a perfect score of 40; White and Sharna Burgess’s cha-cha finished four points back and in third place.

“People like to bring up the fact that we’re competing against each other and ask if that feels weird, but it doesn’t,” White said. “It feels like we’re in it together.

“Obviously, after 17 years of skating together, on top of the fact that we just won an Olympic gold medal, we know exactly what the other person is going through. It’s just nice to have someone that’s there to support you and have fun with you and be tired with you.”