Amy Purdy And Derek Hough Rehearsal Interview About DWTS, Dancing Prosthetics, And More

Don’t miss visiting They posted a new Dancing With The Stars rehearsal video of Derek Hough and Amy Purdy from last week. Amy is also interviewed about her new prosthetics for dancing. It’s fascinating. After that, be sure to catch up with even more new interviews, pictures, and updates at Pure Derek Hough including viewing a NEW THEME!

“I wasn’t able to get the hip motion with my everyday feet,” she tells PEOPLE. “So I decided to try these other feet. I originally got these just thinking they were a little bit prettier and I could wear a taller heel and maybe for a tango.”

When she attached them, “It freed my hips up so that I could move how I wanted to,” she explains.

“Dirty Purdy” and partner Derek Hough have wowed the judges, consistently earning top scores – while keeping everything in perspective with a sense of humor.

“One of the good things is, you never hear her complain about her feet,” says Hough. “Normally it’s ‘Oh my feet, they’re killing me! My blisters are bleeding and I gotta to change my shoes! With Amy it’s no complaints. Brilliant.”

Wow, and I don’t think I’ll ever forget this move or her cartwheel. And look at those faces!!! *awww moment*