Meryl Davis Interviewed By US News About DWTS, Stars On Ice, And More

In a new interview with US News, Meryl Davis talks all about her crazy schedule these days with ice dancing partner Charlie White. Where they use to get 8 hours of sleep of day preparing for the Olympics, now they only get 3 or 4 hours since they are touring and dancing on Dancing With The Stars. Below Meryl answers questions about the differences between dancing on the floor and the ice. She also answers a question for what it’s like dancing with a new person.

How is dancing on a floor on “DWTS” different from dancing on the ice?

It’s definitely an adjustment. I think the mechanics of movement are a little different – we’re used to taking a push and moving a certain amount of space, and what we’ve been accustomed to on the ice is certainly very different from what we’re doing on the floor. It’s been a big adjustment, but we have amazing teachers so we’re doing the best we can.

And we’ll absolutely be able to apply what we’re learning to the ice. From the different styles of dance to just performance, we’ll take it with us in the future – whether it’s on the ice or off.

You and Charlie have been a team for 17 years. What’s it like to be dancing with a new person?

It’s definitely different. But it’s a different dynamic already, because our partners on “DWTS” are also our instructors. So that’s very different from the dynamic Charlie and I have had in our career, just being partners.

How much sleep do you get these days?

Leading up to the Olympics, Charlie and I both tried to get around eight hours a night. But at this point, we’re getting closer to three or four. It’s been quite a change. And with both “DWTS” and “Stars on Ice” at the same time, we feel like we have two full-time jobs, so that doesn’t allow for a lot of down time when we’re not on the road. But we’re so excited to be part of both the tour and the show, so that really keeps us going.

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