DWTS Season 18, Week 7 – Let’s Recap Tonight’s Show (Spoilers)

I’d like to start by thanking our regular readers, the casual readers and our haters. 😉 Our page views have never been higher. So thanks. For some of you, I doubt this was what you intended. LOL.

Some of you who are fond of copying our stuff and then claiming we don’t know jack are in for a bit of a disappointment. I already know what three of the couples are dancing next week and if you behave yourselves, I might just share. Soon. 🙂

Now, on with the show. Tonight’s drinking game is about Danica. How often will they mention, pimp or otherwise exaggerate her injury that sources say isn’t as bad as is being portrayed? Take a shot every time. DOUBLE shot for words to that effect out of Danica’s mouth…Triple shot for Val. Do NOT send me your rehab bill. 😀 I’m paying for my own since I’ve been doing a shot every time someone is kissing Meryl’s ass in the comments. It beats back nausea. HA!

A 36 for Amy and Derek? Yeah, going first hosed them. Should have been a 38 – usually, one only loses ONE point for a lift. I don’t mind that call even though AMY CAN’T FEEL THE FLOOR. But four points off is ridiculous. (Cue idiots looking for her to get straight 5s cuz she can’t point her toes…) Really, I’m just glad to be watching the show, considering the bad weather in the south. If I stop commenting, it’s due to tornados.

ETA #2 – WTF?? I couldn’t see anything in the damn x-ray, Erin has lost her bloody mind, and Amy is injured. Okay this night sucks. I’m reconsidering the drinking thing. I think I might up my pace. And don’t even get me started on James and Peta. Costuming just went to Victoria’s Secret.

So which female pros is being taught the team dance right now?? Oh shit. Right when I typed that I hear that Amy is off to the hospital and they’re playing the dress rehearsal tape. I sure hope they didn’t mark it….

ETA #3 – Oh, Charlie, I love you. If Amy is out, you get my votes. Candace…it’s not god. Pretty sure that he’s got bigger issues.

ETA #4 – Okay, Candace – GOOD DANCE, girl.

I have a question – how often is Meryl going to go last and who does Charlie have to blow?? This is getting REALLY transparent.

Am I the only one laughing my ass off that Amy accidentally co-opted Danica’s drama. Bwahahahahahaha…..

ETA #5 – Thank god for Len. WTF is it with all the extra dancers throughout Meryl’s entire dance?? What the actual F@#k?? The choreography was a vast improvement, but I didn’t think it was any better than anything Charlie or Amy did. Shades of William Levy…although Meryl is a better dancer, the pimp smell is just as strong. Was that gross? 😀

ETA #6 Team Loca clearly owned Team Vida – it wasn’t even close. Derek remains undefeated and with good reason. Team Vida was a bit of a mess.

And the person eliminated this evening was NeNe. She had a good run.

My prayers are with Amy – I hope it’s just a spasm and nothing serious.

ETA #7 Oh….Did I promise Spoilers?? 😉 Okay…here are a few dances for next week.
Charlie is dancing Quickstep
James is dancing V Waltz
Meryl is dancing Rumba (oh no) 🙂

ETA #8: Vogue here. Amy and Derek are dancing an Argentine Tango if she’s got the ok from her doctor to dance.

ETA #9: More dances revealed. Mark and Candace have a Foxtrot. Val and Danica have a Tango. Also note that the couples will dance TWO dances….one with another couple.More info HERE. ~Vogue