Carrie Ann Inaba Blogs On Dancing With The Stars 18 Week 7

Judge Carrie Ann Inaba reviews this week’s dances in her new blog at Parade. I agree with her on everything except I wish she’d switch what she wrote on Meryl and Charlie. Charlie is the one who is producing the most content and improving (imo). This last dance was his best yet. On a positive note, I love what she wrote about Amy!

Meryl Davis gave us yet another full-throttle performance. She has impressed and surprised me over and over again. What she does so well is push beyond what we expect of her, which is no easy task. She has earned herself some pretty high expectations because she has delivered some great performances. The first two steps of her salsa were a bit timid and then suddenly, she unleashed the beast and let her primal passion lead her in the movements. It blew me away! It’s so great to see someone go there. There’s a lot of trust in that partnership and Maks Chmerkovskiy and Meryl are the team to beat right now.

Charlie White , who is dying to get a 10, needs to take a moment and realize that a 10 is earned on this show. I think he has the potential to get a perfect score for sure! His artistry on the dance floor, the way he knows how to maneuver his partner , and use his weight and create warm soft shapes makes him a contender. However, he’s in the tough spot of being the performer who started the competition at the top. He started out great, so where does he go? What he needs to realize is that this show is about growth and great dancing. He’s great, but we haven’t seen much improvement anywhere. He’s got to bring out something we haven’t seen yet, show us that he’s also growing as a performer. I think he’s a bit too smooth and easygoing in his dances. I could watch him all day — so don’t take that the wrong way — he’s a beautiful dancer, but he’s a bit too lyrical. I’d like to see sharper edges in some of his movements. I want to see him be able to stop a movement once in a while instead of having all the movements continue as one movement. I want to see more light and shade, not all a beautiful shade of gray. I also hope his knee is going to be okay. When an athlete feels a strange tingle in the knee, it’s a scary thing. Let’s hope it was just a small moment of pain, we need our Charlie to be in his best shape. He’s got the Stars on Ice show as well as DWTS right now…so take care, Charlie!

More at Parade. Let us know what you think. Also, Carrie Ann has a new boyfriend. You can read about him at Life & Style.