Meryl Davis And Maksim Chmerkovksiy Talk Of How They Are Staying Healthy Doing Dancing With The Stars

Meryl Davis and Maksim Chmerkovksiy talked with OK! Magazine after Dancing With The Stars Monday night. One of the questions they asked is how they were staying healthy at this point in the competition. Below is how they replied.

“One of the things Maks has been telling me is to be honest with each other,” Meryl told OK! backstage Monday night. “Coming into rehearsal one day saying I’m really tired today, this is kind of hurting, let’s take it easy doing this—I think that’s the primary thing.”

Maks may be an extremely hard worker, but he knows the value of taking it easy, too.

“I can alter things,” he explains. “I don’t get married to a routine. Val is different. Val goes and rehearses with a pro until four in the morning and the next day he comes and he shows the routine and then he teaches it to Danica. I’m different. I see her and I go, ‘Okay, let’s slowly start building.’ If she doesn’t tell me if something’s hurting, I’m not going to know it. I’m going to push something and it’s going to make it worse. We just need to stay honest and if I’m tired I tell her, if she’s tired we cut it short. It’s not worth the consequences.”

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