Derek And Julianne Hough Talk About DWTS, Judging, Amy Purdy, And Their Move LIVE On Tour

Be sure you head to Pure Derek Hough when you get a moment. Heidi and I have posted some fun new pictures, screen caps, articles, and interviews with Amy Purdy and Derek Hough this week that you won’t want to miss seeing.

Also, Derek and Julianne Hough talked about judging and Dancing With The Stars on Access Hollywood yesterday(seen below). I have to say.. looking back for how Julianne judged Danica and Maks seals it further for how right she was(imo). Since then, we’ve seen Danica shell out better dances. We also seen Maks stepping up his choreography with Meryl in their last few dances. So, question: was Julianne really that bad or wrong with how she judged Maks like so many haters and critics went on about at the time??

I also love what Derek said about why he did Dancing With The Stars this season and how it’s come to mean something more for him in a deeper way versus doing it only to win a Mirror Ball (how’s that in answering your question about Maks, Kit? *roll eyes).

Julianne and Derek also promoted their new Move LIVE On Tour in the new Access Hollywood interview. This tour, Ballroom With A Twist, and Sway -The Trilogy is a summer dance calling to fill the void in the off season of Dancing With The Stars. If you haven’t bought tickets yet for Derek and Julianne’s tour, be sure you do so here or at the venues listed. Too fun…