DWTS Season 18, Week 8: Who’s Dancing What…and When?? (SPOILERS)

Well, let’s hope that this week is finally Charlie’s week. Quickstep should be great for him. If he does another great dance only to get hosed by the judges in their quest to get Meryl and Maks the MBT – well, I might have to write a really long, scathing rant post that blisters the ass of any producer that comes close to this site. (waves) Seriously, this show is pissing me off big time. Have they learned nothing from their other pimpees, who include the likes of Chelsea Kane and William Levy – that reminds me, I need to finish my post entitled “Winners Never Pimp and Pimpers Never Win.” For you reading-impaired shippers of the quivering loins with your heads in the clouds – this has nothing to do with Meryl herself, or her ability. It has to do with the single minded moronic quest of the judges and producers to make sure that Meryl and Maks win. If she’s all that….LET IT HAPPEN.

Anyway, I hope Amy does well on the AT, but her injuries worry me. James is a big question mark for me on a dance like V.Waltz. Candace should do well as she could be in hold a lot of the time. Danica and Val?? Who the hell knows? Meryl and Maks? Tums are your friend. πŸ˜‰

ETA #1: So Danica’s song is the only one I immediately recognized from this week’s list of individual dances…the rest are more obscure.Β  And rumor has it that Grandma Chmerkovskiy flew in to observe one of Maks & Val’s dual rehearsal sessions…that ought to make for an interesting rehearsal package πŸ˜› -Court-

ETA #2: I’m back from out of town and ready to rumble. There are going to be ground rules for Monday night – I’m going to post them here and reiterate them on Monday night so none of you forget. First, DO NOT constantly hit refresh. Read, comment if you want, then walk away for a few minutes. There’s no possible way for you to read anything new if everyone keeps clicking refresh. Two – DO NOT use the comment section like it’s twitter. If people start posting one-liners, I’m going to start deleting. If I have to delete you several times in a row, I’m putting you on moderation. You need context. Think of it this way – if someone comes along two hours later and reads your comment, will they be able to tell what you’re talking about? If the answer is no, you’re doing it wrong. The last couple Monday nights have been out of control – ya’ll need to start practicing some simple netiquette. Look it up. πŸ˜€ ~Heidi

ETA #3: Okay, so the “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” IS the Lorde version, as someone earlier suggested. Other tidbits we’ve heard? James is doing pretty well with a standard Viennese waltz, with at least one cool move where James is holding Peta’s leg over her head. Amy is having trouble with the AT. πŸ™ Whether it’s due to her lack of feet, her injury or just the lack of rehearsal, it’s hard to say. Also, as I alluded to in the comments, all the pros are pretty pissed that Abby Lee Miller is judging them on Monday night.

ETA #4: Anybody else think that Candace hit the song/dance combo jackpot?? πŸ™‚ With Mark as her choreographer, this should be a really cute dance.

ETA #5: Some last minute intel on the various dances – all sound interesting:
* Apparently Meryl & Maks’ rumba isn’t all that unorthodox – though parts of it look like a couple fighting. So maybe think less “protesting the situation in Ukraine” and more “wife working up the courage to leave an abusive husband”? There’s also a part where she rolls around on the floor.

* Amy is using a stool for part of her Argentine tango – the question is: will the judges like it, or dock her for it? (Heidi says “docked” since it’s about time the judges start angling for their favorite finalists – tonight will be telling)

* Source says his/her least favorite dance this week is Danica’s tango – wayyy too slow and weird.

* Apparently, Candace’s foxtrot has a comedic storyline to it – might be starting off sitting on a bench.

* Charlie’s quickstep is “cute and fun” and actually has a section of tango in the middle – will get him hosed or praised? He seems to be struggling a bit with the technique and hold – we’ll see if he gets it fixed before showtime. (Again, Heidi votes “hosed” – just cuz that’s what they do to Charlie, whether he deserves it or not.)

* Looks like Peta & James may have omitted the leg in the air trick from their Viennese waltz – it was a potential “lift risk”.

* All of the duels are looking good – our source particularly praised Amy & James’ jive duel.

Amy and Derek – Argentine Tango (song: “Heart Upon My Sleeve” by Avicii )

James and Peta – Viennese Waltz (song: “6-2” by Marie Miller )

Charlie and Sharna – Quickstep (song: “My Heart Goes Boom” by Miss Li )

Candace and Mark – Foxtrot (song: “That’s It, I Quit, I’m Movin’ On” by Sam Cooke )

Danica and Val – Tango (song: “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” by Lorde )

Meryl and Maks – Rumba (song: “Read All About It, Part III” by Emeli SandΓ© )

Round two, as you all know by now, is three sets of “Duos” dancing together. (:::sigh:::) The Duos are:

James/Amy – dancing Jive (song: “Ain’t Nothing Wrong with That” by Robert Randolph & the Family Band )

Charlie/Candace – dancing contemporary (song: “Stay With Me” by Sam Smith )

Meryl/Danica – dancing samba (song: “I Luh Yah Papi” by J. Lo feat. French Montana )

Charlie and Candace