Derek Hough Stumps for Choreographers at the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences

Derek has his fingers in so many projects that it’s difficult to keep track of them all. This one is particularly cool. He’s working with Nappytabs making a video – at the request of the Academy – that is promoting choreography on TV. How I read it is that this effort is to get a peer group in the academy which will benefit all choreographers when it comes to the nominating and selecting of Emmy Award winners. From ArtsMeme – click the link to read the whole article and see all the photos.

Derek Hough, Tabitha and Napoleon D’umo (@Nappytabs), all Emmy-winning choreographers, advocated for the art of choreography-on-camera by appearing, at the invitation of the Television Academy, in a new video geared at strengthening the status of choreographers at the Academy.

The video, now under production by ATAS pros, strongly encourages qualified choreographers to join the Academy. In return, they’ll enjoy a slate of membership benefits, key among which will be the eventual creation of a choreographer’s “peer group,” a necessary vehicle by which dance experts can influence the vetting, nomination, and final voting for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Choreography.