Las Vegas Odds For DWTS Season 18 Week 8, Do You Agree or Disagree With Them?

Sorry for the lack of Las Vegas Odds posts this season, but, Sports Bovada and other sources haven’t been posting and/or updating them like they use to. However, Sports Bovada updated their odds for Dancing With The Stars this week. Take a look below and let us know if you think this is about right?

Meryl Davis 1/2
Amy Purdy 4/1
Charlie White 5/1
James Maslow 10/1
Danica McKellar 15/1
Candace Cameron Bure 50/1

My thoughts: The way the judges are pimping Meryl (which I think is totally wrong), the odds makers probably have it correct. I do think they have the top three correct, but, I think it should be Charlie and Amy at the top with Meryl in third (if we were to judge who has had the most clean and challenging dances, etc). For fourth, I think it’s going to be between James and Danica. These next few dances will be telling for them both as anything could happen. Even though she improved last week, one placement I totally agree with is how they have placed Candace.

Let’s see what Heidi and Court think….

Courtney: You know the pimping is bad when they have Meryl at 1/2 odds – which means that for every $2 that you bet that she will win, you’ll only get $1 back if she actually wins.  If that seems like a bad investment, it is – but because the oddsmakers think she’s such a sure thing, it’s the only way they can profit from bets made on her. 😛 That’s pretty bad – especially when it seems like the judges are doing everything in their power to keep Charlie from getting within spitting distance of Meryl on the scoreboard.  Although if the outrage I saw this week after he got hosed (yet again) is actually translating to votes, now might be a good time to put some money on Charlie…because the tides could turn.  I don’t think they can get away with severely hosing him in the semifinals or finals…and the gap between he & Meryl could close quite a bit in those weeks as more couples go home.  As for the rest of the board – I’m kind of torn on Candace & Danica; Danica is the better dancer, but I get the feeling she’s not as popular with the fans…whereas Candace, the weaker dancer, seems to be connecting more.  I think James is about right sitting the middle of everything.

Heidi: I don’t recall that pimping has ever worked in the past, to any real degree. Didn’t work with William Levy, didn’t work with Chelsea Kane, didn’t work with Zendaya (although she was pimped to a lesser extent than her predecessors), didn’t work with Gilles (part deux)…I can’t remember if Melissa (part deux) or Brandy were truly pimped. I think we thought Brandy was, at the time, but then the real pimping began in later seasons. Melissa I do think was pretty well pimped the second time around, but she also had a set of other factors working in her favor, not the least of which was that she was the only non-winner in the final three of the All Star season.  So that’s 0.5 out of six??  Not good odds on Meryl.  However, if the judges don’t let up, they could have success number two on their hands. I like Meryl – I just don’t think she’s that much better than Charlie and I find him and Sharna infinitely MORE likeable.  Will he win out in the end? I would like to see that, if only to see TPTB’s plans blow up in their faces. 🙂  Anyway, barring further injury to Amy, I tend to think the top three are correct, I’m just not sure it’s in that particular order. I also am not sure that James will last as long as fourth place. Yeah, he’s got fans, but Danica and Candace’s fans are right in the DWTS wheelhouse. I guess we’ll see. 🙂