Dancing With The Stars Peta Murgatroyd Writes On James Maslow, The Duel Dance, And More

Peta Murgatroyd has written a new blog at People. She gives us some teasers for tonight. Read on and be sure to read the link for more.

James is looking really great this week. He’s loving the more romantic dances. I think he’s really embracing the emotion, which is cool. And then we have the dance duel with Amy [Purdy] and Derek [Hough], which has been interesting. We started a day late because we didn’t know whether Amy was going to be able to dance after her injury. But she’s absolutely fine, and she’s been such a trouper in keeping up with it.

We’ve got the jive with them, and we’ve both done the jive before, so we’re going to collaborate on our different jives that we’ve done and sort of mold them into one. Derek and I have some really great ideas for it.

The celebrities have to dance together for 20 seconds by themselves! James is jiving with Amy, which is so cool because it’s a different experience for him. He has to take even more of the role of a leading man and he has to really be stable for Amy, and it just makes him more aware of himself and his partner. I think it’s a really great lesson for him.

He’s learning a lot about himself and his balance points as well. He’s really got to impress [judge] Len [Goodman] this week. It’s crunch time. He needs to get a nine or 10 from Len on this Viennese Waltz. It needs to be so clean and so crisp and precise that it just blows them away. This week is a lot for James, but I think he can do it.