Meryl Davis And Charlie White Interviewed In St. Paul, Minnesota About Ice Dancing, DWTS, And More

Meryl Davis and Charlie White were touring this weekend. ABC5 in St.Paul, Minnesota were able to catch up with them. They discussed “Stars On Ice”, their schedule, “Dancing With The Stars”, and more. You can see them skating too. Beautiful!!

ETA: Also, be sure to see USA Today for a new interview with them. Below is take for how they don’t feel like they are rivals on Dancing With The Stars….

We don’t really feel as though we’re competing against each other,” Davis said. “We’ve both trained together since we were so young, and now we’re just taking this journey together as well.”

White and Davis aren’t letting the fact that they’re dancing across from different partners affect their team unity.

“I think there is really no other way to see each other,” White said. “Even with other partners, we both feel like we’re in this together. It’s not one of us against the other.”

The duo, who’ve been training together since the age of eight and nine, are competitive pros. So, you’d think that, after winning World Championships and getting gold at the 2014 Sochi Olympics, mastering some ballroom dance steps should be a relative breeze.

Not so, says White. Their days on Dancing are hardly any easier than training for Olympic competition. In fact, they train harder these days than they did for Sochi.

“For the Olympics, we trained five days a week. Here, we train five hours a day, for seven days a week,” says Davis.

Their Olympic experience does give them one huge advantage, though. “So much of what goes into the performance; the pressure, the audience, it’s live, that helps us out. We know how to calm the nerves when the pressure is on,” White explained.

Even with the long days and blistered feet, the duo have yet to find anything negative about the experience. Working with DWTS host Erin Andrews has also been an unexpected bonus.