DWTS18 Interviews With Mark Ballas And Candace Cameron Bure, Comments On Amy Purdy

Below is a new Dancing With The Stars rehearsal interview with Candace Cameron Bure and Mark Ballas from People. Candace talks of being a perfectionist and what Dancing With The Stars is all about. She’s also excited she’s made it this far in the competition and has exceeded her expectations. Lots more below…and Marks chats too. Be watching People later too as Candace may post a new blog.

“I guess I have some perfectionistic qualities when it comes to my own performance. I’m learning to lower my own expectations as far as having unrealistic expectations of myself.”

But the former Full House star, whose partner is Mark Ballas, said that she’s exceeded her own expectations about how far she’d make it in the competition.

“I’m thrilled to death to have made it through to week eight,” she explained. “My personal goal was week six, so I am pumped! After next week is the semi-finals, so of course I would love to make it through to the end, but I’m kind of laughing, because if I do make it, I know that I’m the dark horse in the race.”

Candace chatted with E Online over the weekend as well. Note how she comments on Amy Purdy and how she’s pushing through. When asked whether Amy was dancing tonight, Candace said, “so far, so good”. See this E Online link for more. There is a video here too.

ETA: TV Guide has a new interview up with Candace too. Below she comments on she and Mark’s new dance and making it into the top six. More at TV Guide.

Are you surprised you’ve made it to the final six?
Cameron Bure: Of course when you know you’re competing, initially I’m like, of course I’d love to win. We’re all competing. But my personal goal was to make it to Week 6. That was my goal. So the fact that I’m at Week 8, I’m kind of chuckling to myself. I’m surprised, and I think it’s fantastic. I’m just laughing because I was hoping that I would make it all the way, but I kind of didn’t expect myself to. So at this point, every week from here on out, it’s just like an added bonus.

What are you guys working on for this week?
Cameron Bure: We have the foxtrot this week. It’s fun and quirky and sassy. We have a really fun, great song. … It’s really cute, but today we worked on our duo dance the whole day, and we have to continue that tomorrow as well. So, I won’t even start doing the foxtrot again until [Friday] evening, and I won’t have much time. I’m trying not to freak out about it!