PureDWTS Season 18 Quarterfinals Media And Interviews Part 2, Dances Revealed

Finally, some video interviews! JC Rubio of Afterbuzz TV interviewed Derek & Amy, Peta & James, and Maks and Meryl. Note for next week, Meryl and Maks have a Jive and a Viennese Waltz. James and Peta have a Cha-Cha and a Rumba (though this might change). Derek and Amy don’t know their dances yet. Be watching Afterbuzz TV as they may post more interviews soon.

Glamour has some fun “behind the scenes” coverage too. Be sure to see this link. Sharna said this about next week….

Looking ahead to next week, Sharna said that she’s loving the song choice they got for American Icon Night. Sharna: “We are living for it right now! It’s certainly a little left field. When you hear our samba song, you’ll be like, ‘Now I know what you were saying!'”

ETA: More Afterbuzz TV Interviews. Note how Charlie and Sharna has a Fox Trot and a Samba. Mark and Candace have a Jazz and a V. Waltz!!

ETA2: Also, Access Hollywood are starting to release their new interviews. Be watching On The Red Carpet as they should be releasing their interviews soon too.

ETA3: Ok, the On The Red Carpet interviews are starting to be released. Below is Maks & Meryl, Charlie & Sharna, and Candace & Mark. More at the link.