James Maslow’s Goals To Reach The Finals On Dancing With The Stars

I love these #AskJeta videos. James and Peta mention how they have a Cha Cha and Samba coming up. If James makes it to the finals, he wants to get really crazy for their Freestyle and do things he never has before. Lot’s more below on their pet names for each other, their rehearsals, nerves, etc….

You can also read James’ new blog at Parade. He talks of the next two weeks and his goals to get to the finals….

Looking Ahead to the Next Two Weeks
There’s more pressure because there’s more dances to learn and the judges are going to be harder, so in that sense it’s going to be more stressful, but I just have to remember to have fun. I signed up for this to enjoy it and I’ve enjoyed almost every step along the way. I don’t want to let that stress take away from the experience and if we do that, I think it’s going to help us perform our best.

We’ve made it to the semifinals, which is amazing, so I just want to get through next week and get to the finals so we can do our freestyle. I now have a goal to get to the point where I’m doing a freestyle because I think that’s really a place where I can step up and impress the audience. I want to pull out any and every trick that I can use, so that might be some of the hip hop choreography that I’m more comfortable doing, it might be some flips I haven’t done yet on the show, whatever is unique that I can do that would help separate me from the other dances.

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