KTLA Interviews Charlie White And Sharna Burgess On DWTS, Their Dances, And More

Awwww, *sigh* after a big day at work today and fighting storms in our area, it’s so good to be home and see these two on my computer screen. And what a great interview! *love them* Thanks Abby for the heads up!

ETA: And did you know Charlie has asthma? Here is more from People

The Dancing with the Stars contestant and Olympic gold medalist, 26, has been living with asthma since he was a baby.

“I’ve always had to train harder than others to get the oxygen to my muscles because of my lung capacity,” he told PEOPLE during a break from rehearsals with partner Sharna Burgess. “I have to push myself past the point of being comfortable.”

The whole situation has been difficult, not just because of White’s health.

“At one point I had to get a therapeutic usage exemption form and prove that I had asthma,” White said of the hassle of participating in the Olympics with his condition. “After that they would always test and measure the dosage I had in my system very carefully.”