Happy Mother’s Day DWTS Goodies, Moms Of Meryl Davis And Charlie White Interviewed

Happy Mother’s Day to all of our beautiful Mothers out there. Below are just a few Dancing With The Stars things floating around for the holiday. First, check out the flowers Shirley Ballas received from Derek Hough. Beautiful…


And isn’t this another beauty? Gleb Savchenko posted this photo of his wife Elena and his daughter Olivia. He called Elena the “best Mom in the world”. *awww*

Also, Team USA talked with the Moms of Charlie White and Meryl Davis about Dancing With The Stars. Check out the part about the reunions that have taken below. More at the link on their skating and their tour.

“I really believe they’re in this together,” Cheryl said. “They both want each other to do well and are happy for each other. You don’t spend 17 years together and not support each other.”

A TV show likely isn’t going to change that for The Moms, either. Recently The Moms were together when the Stars on Ice tour stopped in Joe Louis Arena in their hometown of Detroit, and they enjoyed the fact that they were able to see each other for a bit there.

“Everything has been so chaotic and so crazy that we kind of gravitate to each other for our own comfort zone,” Jacqui said. “I guess there is a still a feeling of competition now (with “Dancing with the Stars) but it’s in a different way. Technically, we’re competitors, but honestly, I feel like having Meryl and Charlie on the show just doubles my chances of winning.”

The “Dancing with the Stars” shows have served as skating reunions as well. Each week it seems there has been a who’s who of skating stars in the stands. Charlie has had his longtime girlfriend, Tanith Belbin, (a 2006 Olympic silver medalist herself) there for support. Others who have popped in include Kristi Yamaguchi, an Olympic skating gold medalist and a “Dancing with the Stars” champion and Olympic champion and show runner-up Evan Lysacek.

Ok, more in a bit! 😉