DWTS18 Semi-Finals Numerology Predictions: The Battle of the 9’s – Part I

Hi All! Vogue here and are you ready for tonight’s Dancing With The Stars Season 18 Semi-Finals? We have a special treat for you today to take in before show time. DonaMadrina is back with her seasonal Numerology Predictions and Analysis. She’s put forth a lot of effort into this project as once she began, one thing kept leading to another as you will soon read. Special notes before you begin: note how there is a “Battle of the 9’s” this season. Also, there are some “challenges“, but, is that necessarily a bad thing for the way some like a challenge and/or have turned them inside out? Lastly, Candace Cameron Bure has a Life Path Number of 7 which matches the World Number of 7 for the entire year of 2014. Could this have possibly been a factor for how she survived elimination so incredibly? I don’t know, but, this is a fascinating read to think about. Read on, study everything, and then let us know in comments who you think might be going home tonight and who you do you think will take it all? A special thanks to Dona for all of her time spent on this “labor of love” and we can’t wait for Part 2 next week!!! Ok, here is Dona….

The Battle of the 9’s – Part I
by Donamadrina

Man, oh man! I thought last season was tough for calling as to who would be in the finals. Nope. This season is even tougher. Many are thinking James is the next to go, and on paper, he could be — however….let’s look at the numbers step-by-step.

Numerology is not an exact science. There are many factors that must be considered and weighed, and that’s where numerology becomes an art. Certain numbers, for example, are natural matches to each other, and in the chart below they are represented by EXTRA SUNNY days. Some numbers are compatible to each other, and in the chart are listed as Good days. Then there are the Challenging numbers, numbers that are toxic to each other.

When looking at our Dancing With The Stars couples, we have to remember that their lives are more than just Dancing With The Stars. What may appear to be a “challenging day” may have nothing to do with their public lives, but just possibly their private lives behind-the-scenes. And then, of course, we have a person like Derek Hough, who welcomes challenges. When a “challenging day” appears for him, does that mean it’s going to be a bad day…or just another opportunity that he welcomes? In Week 6, both Candace and Mark had challenging days, were placed in jeopardy, but ended up being called SAFE. So, as you can see, there are many factors that enter in, but to keep it simple, we’ll just talk basics for this first post.

I’ve entitled this The Battle of the 9’s, because each couple this season has a partner who has a nine as one of his or her principal numbers (either the Life Path Number or the Attitude Number). All except Candace and Mark, that is. Mark does, however, have a nine for his Personal Year, albeit a year of many challenges for him.

Nine’s in numerology represent highly creative individuals, people who have tremendous ambition and drive, and who get upset when they work hard for something but their goals are not realized. They are very hard on themselves and beat themselves up for not being perfect. They don’t need to be the center of attention, but somehow always are. They are seen as leaders, the person in charge, and on the positive side of their number are seen as humanitarians. On the negative side of their number, they are seen as condescending. There will always be people who are jealous and resentful of a person with a nine Life Path or Attitude number.

So with most of the remaining people having nine’s in their numerology, which couple will take home that coveted Mirrorball? Who will work the hardest for it? Ah, but, we get ahead of ourselves. Teaser alert! Though I think this season’s numerology tells me that there is a clear winner, I’ll save that discussion for Part II next week. Sorry. 😀

Let’s take a look at the numbers for the Quarterfinals, Monday, May 5. This discussion is pertinent, because this was the day that viewers made their voting decisions, and the person going home on May 12 is going to be based on those decisions. Notice that Amy, Mark, and James all had Challenging numbers for that day and each of their partners had a Good day. So how do we separate this all out?

Look at Amy’s numbers. She is in a very challenging cycle. Period! However, we all know that dancing is a challenge for her due to her having to learn how to balance just right on her prosthetic legs. Therefore, can we say that her challenging days are “bad” days, or is each day just another day filled with a learning opportunity for her that she will embrace? Derek has an EXTRA SUNNY day on Monday, May 12, so does this mean that Amy makes it through on Monday?

Mark has two Challenging days, May 5 and also May 12. In addition, he is in a Challenging Personal Year and a Challenging Personal month. Can Candace save them because she has an EXTRA, EXTRA SUNNY Personal Year, and a Good Personal Month? She’s managed to do that for them so far.

James had a Challenging number on May 5, but has an EXTRA SUNNY number on May 12. He also is in an EXTRA SUNNY Personal Year. So the questions become, are Amy’s challenges representative of the difficulty of her tasks? Are Mark’s challenges offset by Candace’s good cycle? Can James squeak by due to his and Peta’s good personal cycles? On Monday, May 12th, the day one couple will be eliminated, both he and Peta have EXTRA SUNNY days. Does that mean they will have awesome dances that night, but go home anyway? Hmmm. Not so easy to call, is it? See Chart 2 below.

Last season, for the Quarterfinals, Amber and Corbin (the two finalists) were the only ones with Challenging numbers. We know that Amber was injured, which was her challenge. We’re not sure what Corbin’s challenge was, because he ended up with the highest numbers of the night for both his Waltz and his trio dance.

If we look at the day of the Semi-Finals, the day the couples were announced in jeopardy, safe or eliminated, we see that Amber and Corbin had Good numbers. Leah had an EXTRA SUNNY, but Tony had a Challenging number, the only person of the evening to have one. He and Leah went home from the Semi-Finals. Bill had an EXTRA SUNNY that night, but was eliminated first in the Finals. See Chart 1 below.

Chart 1. Last Season’s Numbers

Chart 12

So will this pattern repeat this week? Will James go home? Will Candace? Will Mark? Who do you think will go home? Who do you think will take it all? Take a look at the comparison charts week-by-week in Chart 3. Notice the momentums of each couple.

I’ll tell you this; the winners of last season were the only pair who both had EXTRA SUNNY for their personal month. Hmmm. So, for next week’s post, I will add some more numbers to the mix, and you will see that numerology is as much an art as a science. Stay tuned!

Chart 2. The Battle of the 9’s

Chart 23

Chart 3. Comparisons Week-by-Week

Chart 34