DWTS18 Semi-Finals More Post Show Interviews, Asked About Final Dances

The Afterbuzz TV interviews have been released with JC Rubio. The couples talk of the dances last night and also give a few hints for the finals….uhh, which isn’t much.

Note: Derek has no idea (or won’t say) for what they will do for the finals. He doesn’t know the song yet either.

Meryl says their freestyle is a secret. Maks says he doesn’t know what they will do yet.

Mark is tight lipped. He says they won’t be treating next week any differently and he hopes he and Candace can just enjoy the process.

They haven’t posted an interview with Peta and James yet, but, watch this link in case they do soon.

And below is Sharna and Charlie reflecting. Oh man, this is sad and bittersweet at the same time. Love them so much…

ETA: OK! Magazine interviewed Maks and Meryl. They ask Maks if he’s coming back next season. He promises to tell next week and that it’s already been decided. Uggh, I don’t want to even think about it….

That’s the million dollar question,” he said with a grin after Monday night’s show. “It’s already decided. I’m not telling. I’ll tell you next week. I promise.”

As he and Meryl advance to the finals (really, was there ever any doubt?), the pair aren’t taking anything for granted.

“It’s not surreal,” says the Olympic gold medal-winning ice dancer. “It feels very real to be honest with you. I’ve been saying as an Olympian you never really celebrate until you get to the place you’re looking towards. Of course we’re really excited about our dances tonight. I think we both had an amazing time but we’re already looking to next week.”

Next week’s freestyle should knock everyone’s socks off, although as of last night Maks had no idea what he was going to choreograph. He says by Friday they’ll have something special locked in.

ETA2: Below is Extra with the couples….

Also, the On The Red Carpet interviews have been released. And below is Charlie and Sharna with Access Hollywood.

Carrie Ann Inaba has also written a new blog at Parade reviewing the night and the dances. Below she talks about the finals. I am a bit upset for what she wrote about Charlie and Sharna…more on that at the link as I am biting my teeth.

The finals are going to be great, no doubt about it! It will be exciting and I hope to see some mind-blowing freestyles! I’m also looking forward to seeing each of the couples redo the routines they did when we had the switch up week but with their real partners again. This season has been so different in so many ways, but I do believe it’s been a good season overall and I can’t wait to see who will take home the mirror ball trophy. It’s going to be an intense two nights! Don’t forget we are on Monday night and Tuesday night next week, so keep your schedules clear so you can be right there with us when we crown the season 18 champion! Tweet me and let me know who you think will be taking it home this year!

James Maslow wrote about the finals as well at Parade saying this….

We’re both really excited. Peta is ecstatic because it’s only the second time she’s been in the finals. The only other time was in her second season with Donald [Driver] and she won it. So it’s a familiar feeling for her, but she’s also that much more nervous. I’ve literally put blood, sweat, and tears into this competition and making it all 10 weeks is rewarding. We’re going to give it everything we’ve got because at this point there’s just no turning back.

Being in these finals is such an honor for me because everyone is so talented. I think Amy has a huge advantage being paired with Derek. He’s very creative with her and making what they do incredibly sharp. Meryl is an incredibly strong dancer and has the technique as an ice skater that’s obviously transitioned well to the dance floor with her and Maks. And Candace has constantly been progressing, and I think America loves seeing that. It’s really hard to say who the biggest competitor is, I guess Meryl, just in terms of dance ability.

ETA3: The Ice Network interviewed Charlie and Sharna as well. Below is a take. Thanks to Kate for sending.

“It’s been an amazing cap to a wonderful season,” he said. “Going from the Olympics to DWTS, we didn’t have a moment to rest, but it was the best way to do it. Right from the get-go, it was an amazing learning experience.

“Obviously, I’m upset that we couldn’t dance in the finale … but I definitely feel very grateful for everything I did get to experience.”

White said he was appreciative that Burgess did not hold back choreographically despite his grueling schedule. Through her, he was able to gain a deep understanding of the origins of many dances he and Davis have interpreted on ice over the years.

“We certainly feel we’re masters of our craft, and yet there’s this whole other layer. Getting to work on that and discover new things was a pleasure,” White said. “We definitely have fresh perspective on so many different things, from the way you partner to the steps you have in your repertoire.”

Burgess said beyond teaching and choreographing, she has enjoyed dancing with White.

“The bar is set higher, and there were very high expectations for someone like Charlie,” Burgess said. “I had a lot of pressure on myself to create those amazing routines, to make it difficult enough for him and to give him the great technique on top of it. I didn’t go easy on him, and I didn’t take it easy on myself. I was constantly going back and looking at my work and making sure it was worthy of something that he would do.

“I wanted him to go out on the floor every Monday and do the absolute best routines that he could possibly have molded on him,” she added. “I feel like we achieved that week to week.”

Team USA also interviewed Charlie and Sharna. This is a good one. Be sure you read it in full at the link. Thanks to Ria for the heads up.

At what point did you start to think you were going home?

I think as soon as we knew it was the three Olympians in jeopardy, I had a bit of a feeling, but it could have gone any way. Having said that, I’m really looking forward to cheering on my fellow Team USA-ers.

How did it feel being eliminated after receiving perfect scores two weeks in a row?

It’s disappointing. We were looking forward to moving on and up, and it felt like we were peaking at the right time. It’s just one of those things where it doesn’t work out the way that you want it to, and, thankfully, with all my experience in competing you learn how to handle disappointment. Both of us are looking at the bright side and trying to learn from it.

Would you have done anything differently over the past nine weeks?

Absolutely not. That’s one of the reasons we can hold our heads so high leaving. We can honestly say to ourselves and to each other that we did pretty much everything we could have, whether it be choreographically or being true to ourselves in a reality TV show, which maybe isn’t always the easiest, or the way we represented ourselves. It’s not easy, but we did literally everything that we could.

What is your favorite memory from the show?

It’s tough to say there’s just one. I think Disney night when we got to do our (“Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” dance) was really special. It was one of those moments you’ll never forget. I got to dance with some cartoon penguins — that’s pretty memorable. It was a really special night.