Milburn, NJ Ballroom With A Twist Review From Dmitry Dream Team

Dmitry Dream Team has sent us a review of “Ballroom With A Twist” from the Milburn, NJ show this past weekend. This is so fun and be sure to see her facebook page for some fun photos!!

What an amazing dancing weekend Maria and I had in Millburn, NJ! We stayed at the Hilton in Short Hills, New Jersey. It was the closest hotel to the theatre and the “official” hotel of the theatre as well according to their website. I figured the dancers would be staying there. Our room was on the sixth floor which was part of the “Executive” level. Again I assumed the dancers were staying either on the same floor as us or on the seventh floor. We happened to be at the right place at the right time. I was looking out the window and saw a tall guy with dark hair, black track pants, and a blue shirt and a blonde haired girl sitting on the curb. I’ll never forget saying to Maria “Um, can you come over here please. I see Dmitry and Chelsie.” She came over and when he turned we could not believe our eyes. It was him and he was looking at his phone in his left hand and dancing.

We were able to see Dmitry before the show to give him a few gifts and get pictures and went to the meet and greet after. We were able to get autographs and photos with the celebrity dancers.

The Sunday matinee was just as incredible as the Saturday night show. For both performances Dmitry had us up on stage dancing with him during the audience participation. There was another meet and greet after that we went to and got a few more pictures. Love this photo! I’m laughing because Maria asked Dmitry if she could grab his ass and he said “only for you Maria” with a laugh. The looks on our faces are priceless!

It was definitely a weekend we will remember! For all of the photos please check out my shared public album BALLROOM WITH A TWIST – MILLBURN, NJ MAY 10-11, 2014.