PureDWTS18 Semi-Finals Post Media And Interviews Part 1

Good Day All!! Time for some post media and interviews after the show. Though first, I must say I have never had such mixed feelings for this show as I do right now. I’m happy for how Amy and Derek are going to the finals after their scare last night, but, I’m also so sad Sharna and Charlie didn’t make it. 🙁 Something seems so wrong with that. It should have been James or Candace to go. Even my Dad called after the show to talk about it and said the same. I remember Carrie Ann Inaba once saying that the right people always make the finals in the end. Well, not this time. 🙁

Moving on, let’s see what Sharna and Charlie and the other contestants had to say about it with George Pennacchio of ABC7 (a prelude for whats to come with the On The Red carpet Interviews). Be sure to see this link.

You can also see Sharna and Charlie interviewed by E News at this link (sorry. I can’t embed it or it messes up the site). Sharna looks so sad and beautiful. Charlie keeps smiling through out. How does he do it? As well as his amazing dancing this season, I don’t think I’ll ever forget his smile. Also, didn’t you love his tails last night?

In more media things, see the Daily Mail has a fun recap with pictures. Glamour has some “behind the scenes” coverage and pictures after the show too. I love this part with Derek’s reaction to Kenny Ortega’s comment. *awwww*

*Oh, and Derek Hough…after that second dance with Amy, all I can say is that when the time comes, can you choreograph my wedding dance? That was just pure brilliance.

I showed Derek what I wrote, and after first joking that he would not, he redeemed himself quickly: “Of course I will! We’ll just dance the night away!” I also told Derek that I’m calling his dances “dancing couture” because of how he tailors each dance to each partner’s strengths. Totally appropriate, right? And as for Kenny Ortega’s comment to Derek that he has “redefined choreography for this generation?” Even Derek was at a loss for words backstage. “He’s an absolute legend and has choreographed the best, so to hear that coming from him is incredible. I just feel really blessed and humbled.”

For more with Derek and Amy, see Pure Derek Hough.

Ok, more coming up. Keep checking back and stay tuned! xx

ETA: Below is some PopTVDotCom “after dark” coverage….

ETA2: And a GMA recap and an interview with Charlie and Sharna…

Charlie White ‏& Sharna – Exit Interview – GMA… by IdolxMuzic