Afterbuzz TV Reviews DWTS 18 Semi-Finals: Should Cumulative Scoring Be Used?

Kristyn Burtt and the Afterbuzz TV gang are back with another fun episode. Elena Grinenko joins them this time to review the Dancing With The Stars Season 18 Semi-finals. I pretty much agreed with them on the dances until Julz mentioned that Derek and Amy’s Jazz was missing something and he wanted more. Note how they were upset on the elimination as we were. Elena brings up an idea about how the show should use cumulative scoring instead of scoring the couples week to week. I agree as that would seem more fair and Charlie and Sharna would still be with us. Let us know what you think and if you agree with them on everything. There is some funny parts in this show too…but, I won’t ruin it for you.

Also, Kristyn has made a prediction for the Finals at her blog (thanks Lori for the heads up).

I think we all agree Meryl will win that Mirror Ball Trophy and I won’t be upset about it. She had an incredible season. I felt more connected to Amy’s journey, but she’s going on to great things so I am not worried about her. I know I put James in second place. I don’t think I really believe that’s how it will play out, it’s just me making a ridiculous prediction for a ridiculous season when it comes to manipulation and scoring.

I really hope this isn’t the way it plays out with the manipulation and scoring. Please please let this competition go down fairly next week unlike it did this past week. And I hope Amy wins as she is more deserving from those left in my opinion.