Mark Ballas Writes About DWTS Semi Finals, “Get My Name” Video In Full Released

Mark Ballas’ new video for “Get My Name” has been officially released today. As you know, Derek Hough directed it!! You can see it at MTV in it’s entirety HERE or watch it below. Let us know what you think of it in comments. I can’t get enough! I love it visually…and isn’t Witney Carson good in it too?! Anyway, good job Derek and Mark!!

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Also, don’t miss reading Mark’s new blog and seeing some pictures at She Knows. He writes of he and Candace’s dances. He also had a few words to share on Charie and the Freestyle coming. Below is a bit on that….

I am really sad to see Charlie go because he’s so friendly and so cool, and I think, out of everyone in the competition, he had the perfect outlook on what it means to be joyful and passionate.

Going into the finals we’ve got the freestyle, which should be fun because people always look forward to that style and dance. I’ve got some really cool ideas for Candace, and I think people will enjoy her piece. We’re also going to be using some great music. We feel very honored and privileged to make it to the finals.