Say Something Positive About Our Finalists of DWTS Season 18

Lori here….and this is a DRAMA FREE ZONE!  I’ve been thinking about this post for the last few weeks, kind of keeping it in the back of my mind and waiting for the right time.  At first, I thought that between seasons might be it, as a way to close out what’s been a very interesting Dancing season.

Instead, we’ve all seen, and discussed, some pretty bad stuff posted about people who have been putting their hearts and souls and bodies through a lot just to provide us with ENTERTAINMENT!!  And it’s brought the tone of the season down, for me at least.

So in appreciation to our WONDERFUL Finalists for DWTS Season 18, I’d like EVERYONE to post something positive about each.  Even if you are supporting one pair more than the others, POST SOMETHING ABOUT EACH!  I’ll try to keep this updated with your responses.

ANYTHING that I (or one of the other mods) deem as negative WILL BE DELETED, this is your only warning.



Meryl, you are an incredible dancer, and I’ve admired how calm you’ve been able to be all season.  Maks, I appreciate the work you’ve done for yourself and your partner, to try to make this the best season for Meryl. –Lori

I haven’t always liked this union, but, I will say I thought their Tango was pure perfection in every way. It’s the dance I will remember the most from them. Same with Meryl and Val’s Argentine Tango. –Vogue

Meryl is such an effortless dancer and seems like a sweet and genuine person. It’s nice to see Maks back and to see him open up about his insecurities this season. –Jessica

Meryl seems very sweet and I think she would make a great actress. I think she emotes so well in performances. Of course her dancing is wonderful. –AshleyL

Meryl thank you for proving what a gold medal winner you are at life with your hard work, positive and nurturing personality and kind smile. Maks, a couple times this season I actually had flashbacks to the Maks I really liked in your season with Mel B. –Susan2


Amy, I love your determination to keep going, and to figure out how to overcome obstacles.  Derek, you’re a shining light, as always. –Lori

They have had off the hook choreography from the get go. I love how they have fed off one another. They haven’t let a challenge be a “negative”. Both are so creative and inspirational. Every week they have blown me away somehow. –Vogue

In my mind, Amy has already won in so many ways. She is an amazing inspiration and is a great dancer even though at times it may be challenging. Derek has shown us this season as to why he is an Emmy winning choreography. He is simply a great coach and person. –Jessica

Amy: I love your fighting spirit and constant desire to challenge yourself to try new things and seek out new adventures. Fantastic dancer and performer.
Derek: I love your creativity, maturity, vision and strength wrapped in kindness. –AshleyL

Amy, you are the definition of class, determination and beauty. In a world where the word hero is over-used, you’ve totally reclaimed that word and made it vibrantly, abundantly real.
Derek thank you for all that you do for dance, dancers and dance lovers and for doing it with such humble grace. –Susan2


Candace and Mark, you’re a great pair, the two of you have a great work ethic, and you’ve both brought out the best in each other.  It’s been fun watching Candace grow, and to see Mark allow Candace to shine. –Lori

I have loved the energy in these two. Bad or good, they’ve come out with smiles and ready to go. She’s like sunshine and a breath of fresh air and they’ve never given up. –Vogue

I loved Candace from the Full House days. I love how she worked her butt off every week and put her whole heart into it. I love seeing Mark with Candace, I think they were a great partnership. –Jessica

I admire Candace’s unapologetic devotion and love for your faith in Jesus and that she and Mark keep it light and fun. –AshleyL

Candace, your never give up attitude, even when you want to run and hide under a rock and your trust in your partner have really won me over. You have a special light. Thanks for sharing it with us.
Mark, I’m so happy to see you so happy again on the show. You’re an adorkable, goofy little eccentric with a heart of gold. –Susan2


James, I am impressed with your progress this season, you’ve worked hard, and you’ve listened and learned, and tried, and succeeded, in improving yourself.  It’s been fun watching you Grow.  Peta, thank you for working hard to give James good choreography this season. –Lori

I love how they have been a dark horse from the beginning. Just when we were about to count them out, they came back with a killer dance. I have loved their compassion in some of their dances the most. –Vogue

Not going to lie, I had my doubts about James getting this far but he’s proven to be a great dancer and deserves his place in the finals. I also love how Peta did choreography not necessarily relying on the “sexy” factor every week because James can dance. –Jessica

Hard work and perseverance and James seems like a genuinely nice guy. They worked well together. –AshleyL

James thank you for surprising me with your dance talent and genuine likability this season. Peta thank you for being such a stunningly watchable dancer. –Susan2

CHARLIE AND SHARNA Because in MY mind, they’re still finalists, and they deserve to hear how much they’ve touched everyone

Charlie and Sharna, to me, you are a Wonder Pair.  Great outlook, constant sunshine, strong work ethic, and wonderful hair.  I really appreciate the hard work from both of you all season, and now have some really fantastic dances that I can look back on for a long time.  You are both Quality people, Thank you from the bottom of my heart. –Lori

He was like Prince Charming and Sharna was his princess. They took me away every week to a time of royalty. They worked hard and weren’t afraid of challenges and being creative. Like Amy and Derek, this ended up being one of my favorite couples on DWTS ever. Both are caring, compassionate, humble and class acts (just like Amy and Derek too). –Vogue

I am still bummed we don’t get to see his freestyle. I think he had some of the most memorable and challenging choreography (Sharna did amazing with him)! He seems like such a down-to-earth and positive person and that’s what I loved most about this partnership. They looked like they were having a blast each week. –Jessica

Positive, kind, enjoyable and great choreography and dancing. Great attitude even when down and getting knocked in scores. –AshleyL

You’re the golden couple for me. You showed us what honor, integrity and kindness look like. Charlie thank for gracing us with your smile and decency and Sharna thank you for blessing us with your intelligent talent. –Susan2