Dancing With The Stars Season 18 Finals: Astrology Study And Numerology Predictions

Hi All! It’s Vogue back again to introduce another one of DonaMadrina’s fun Numerology Prediction posts. This time she analyzes the couples numbers for the Finals of Dancing With The Stars Season 18!! Dona also goes through last week’s numbers for what happened in the Semi-Finals. I’ve also included a little Astrology information in this post at the end for you to think about in mixing up things further. 🙂 Ok, let’s get started, shall we?

Battle of the 9’s – Part II
by DonaMadrina

WEEK 9 Reviewed
So Charlie went home! 🙁 Was that surprising to me from the numbers? Yes…and no.

As I mentioned last week, numerology is as much an art as a science. Knowing how to “read” the numbers takes years of practice, especially when there is so much duality in the charts, i.e. too close to call.

Hindsight is golden, as they say. And, darn! I wished I had talked about “Week 9’s” numbers in the verbiage of Part I. Though I included the charts, had I elaborated on them, we’d have seen an important piece of information that might have hinted at Charlie possibly being in trouble. Charlie’s elimination is much more obvious now – but this is hindsight.

Chart 1.
DWTSNumerologyChart 1

Remember in Part I, I mentioned that certain numbers are natural matches to each other and are represented by EXTRA SUNNY days. Some numbers are compatible to each other and are listed as Good days. Then there are the Challenging numbers, numbers that are, just that, challenging.

Before delving into Week 10’s numbers, let’s take a brief look back at Week 9 in this Battle of the 9’s (Chart 1 above). We can clearly see that three of the couples had at least one person with an EXTRA SUNNY for the week. Those couples ended up being SAFE: James/Peta, Meryl/Maks, and Amy/Derek.

Candace and Mark, Charlie and Sharna, on the other hand, did not have an EXTRA SUNNY for the week. Instead, Charlie and Sharna had a Good, and ended up having very good dance scores for the night. Candace and Mark, however, both had Challenging numbers for Week 9, but they were not the ones who went home. Instead, they ended up with the lowest score of the night, a 72, compared to the other couple’s 76, 78. 78, and 80.

So how is it that Charlie and Sharna went home, with Candace and Mark escaping elimination even though they had Challenging/Challenging for the night? Well, remember that EXTRA, EXTRA SUNNY that Candace has had all season for her Personal Year? Lucky Lady. It worked its magic again! The question is how much longer will it work for her. Let’s move on to Week 10, and take a look.

For Week 10’s Battle of the 9’s, I’m afraid we have as much duality as we had for Week 9. Just like in Week 9, we may have to “look back” in hindsight at what happened.

Still, it’s kinda fun to take a look-see at possibilities. I’ve got several charts for you to muse over, including one with numbers I’ve not worked with before, “lucky winning numbers”. This is really interesting. So keep reading!

First of all, let’s look at how each couple is fairing for Monday, May 19 when the voting results are revealed and one couple is eliminated. (See Week 10’s numbers in Chart 1). Don’t forget to take out Charlie and Sharna in your observations. 🙁

Alas, looking at Week 10’s numbers, there is not much information that tells us anything definitive, except that Meryl and Maks are the only ones that are probably SAFE with a Good/Good. So let’s move on to Chart 2.

Last week, we looked at everyone’s Personal Year and Personal Month, but in this continued Battle of the 9’s, look at the new information that pops up when we add in which couple’s numbers match the number “9” of Season 18 (1 + 8 = 9). See Chart 2, Column 3.

Chart 2.
DWTSNumerologyChart 2

If all of this is getting too confusing, let’s make up a system to help you get a better picture of what’s going on. Let’s try giving a numerical value to the numbers in Column 3. For example, let’s make Challenging a 1, Good a 2, and an EXTRA SUNNY a 3. Adding up all the numbers for those 3 columns, we get the following.

Amy / Derek = 8
Candace / Mark = 6
James / Peta = 11
Meryl / Maks = 11

Hmmm. Now things are separating out, right? Let’s do this system for Columns 1, 2, 3. Here’s what we get.

Amy / Derek = 15
Candace / Mark = 13
James / Peta = 18
Meryl / Maks = 19

Okay, let’s extend this made-up system to columns 4 and 5, adding all the columns together. This time, we’ll also need to give an arbitrary number to Candace’s EXTRA, EXTRA SUNNY. Let’s make that a 4. Now, what do we have?

Amy / Derek = 20
Candace / Mark = 20
James / Peta = 28
Meryl / Maks = 28

Hmmm. See what I mean about duality in the chart, and why this season is so tough to call?

I will say this about Columns 4 and 5: Amy and Derek have had Challenging most of the season and have managed to escape elimination so far. Last week, for the first time, they were put in so-called jeopardy but…was that a “real” jeopardy or just producer created drama? You know what I mean. All three Olympians in jeopardy!?!? No way! Do we really believe that Meryl and Maks were in danger with those two EXTRA SUNNY’s for Week 9?

As difficult as it has been to predict anything this season, let’s add a few more numbers and see what’s what. Do any couples have an edge now? Look at Chart 3.

Chart 3.
DWTSNumerologyChart 3

Chart 3 offers an interesting dynamic. Remember, in Part I when I ventured the question as to whether Derek’s Challenging numbers were a bad thing or a good thing? In my research, I ran across some information about a person’s challenge number for the year 2014, and lo and behold, there we see a “0” pop up for Derek. This is a number (or non-number) that I have not worked with before. It indicates a challenging year “by choice”, or in other words, a person will opt, of their own volition, to accept challenges. Cool, huh? I’d say partnering Amy, creative directing Macy’s Stars of Dance, and preparing for the Move Live on Tour qualifies as “Challenging by choice”. Wonder if we can make “Challenging by Choice” an EXTRA, EXTRA SUNNY. Hmmm. 🙂

And last, but not least, let’s look at the numbers derived from each person’s name. There is a whole other dimension this could add, but it’s too complicated for this discussion. We’re going to only look at “lucky name numbers”. When looking at name numbers, evidently certain numbers are luckier than others for winning. This information is derived from a woman who has found that the numbers 5, 6, and 8 are lucky winning numbers, especially the more you have of them in your name. Also, if you have any combination of these numbers “together”, such as 55, or 56, or 58, or 86, etc., you tend to be particularly lucky.

Take a look at Derek Hough’s name numbers. Is it any wonder that he has won “Dancing With the Stars” five times? The stars and numbers have aligned just right for him in certain seasons to activate those lucky name numbers. Fascinating, huh? See Chart 4. And while you’re at it, have a look at Candace’s name numbers. Is this gal lucky or what? 🙂

Chart 4. Note the numbers in red.
DWTSNumerologyChart 4

Vogue back. Below is some Astrology information on the Final Four left. Note how we have two Cancer pairings and two Capricorn pairings. Is this a bad thing or a good thing? Read on to see….

Amy and Derek
Amy – Scorpio (Born November 7, 1979 and in The Week Of Depth)
Strengths: Serious, Steadfast, Sexual

Derek – Taurus (Born May 17, 1985 and in the Week Of The Natural)
Strengths: Fun Loving, Adventuresome, Imaginative

Strengths Together: Humorous, Nurturing, Dependable
Expect these two to have a strong relationship that lasts a lifetime after Dancing With The Stars. People from these two signs automatically gravitate towards one another mind, body, and spirit. They bond as they deeply admire and respect each other’s qualities. There could be some walls to overcome emotionally, but, over all a Taurus and a Scorpio pairing achieves great success as both know how to be there for one another and are naturally talented at what they do.

Meryl and Maks
Meryl – Capricorn (Born January 1, 1987 and in The Week Of The Ruler)
Strengths: Capable, Hard Worker, Concerned

Maks – Capricorn (Born January 17, 1980 and on the Capricorn Aquarius Cusp, The Cusp of Mystery and Imagination)
Strengths: Exciting, Entertaining, Light Hearted

Strengths Together: Unrelenting, Perfectionists, Achieving
The Capricorn and Capricorn pairing may have some combative times in the beginning being they are so similar, stubborn at times, and perfectionists, but, if and as soon as they can trust one another and nothing destroys it, the relationship can build. They have similar goals of achievement, status in society, and business. Their ability to see themselves as “winners” helps them to thrive at what they do and also to handle other pressures which they are facing from the other areas of life. Note how Maks and Kirstie Alley were also DWTS Capricorn pairings. Karina Smirnoff was once a romantic Capricorn pairing with Maks.

James and Peta
James – Cancer (Born July 16th, 1990 in The Week Of The Persuader)
Strengths: Enterprising, Persuasive, Observant

Peta – Cancer (Born July 14, 1986 in The Week Of The Persuader)
Strengths: Enterprising, Persuasive, Observant

Strengths Together: Irresistible, Loyal, Frank
The prime characteristic trait portrayed by most Cancerians is compassion. Although this Cancer duo can suffer from intense emotion, wounded feelings, bruised egos, and mood swings, they are also perceptive of each other’s feelings. If they can learn to tune into one another and realize that both need a necessary amount of affection, devotion, and security, their relationship can start building. One thing is for sure…they share a compassion that no one else can touch if they learn to utilize it “together”.

Mark and Candace
Candace – Aries (Born April 6, 1976 in The Week Of The Star)
Strengths: Success- Oriented, Courageous, Energetic

Mark – Gemini (Born May 24, 1986 in The Taurus-Gemini Cusp, The Cusp of Energy)
Strengths: Versatile, Active, Brilliant

Strengths Together: Exciting, Energetic, Interesting
Of all sun signs, Aries and Gemini get along together very well as they find many things in common. Both are full of energy and like things lively and exciting. They crave for something new. Life is like a bowl of cherries and seen as an adventure. They never touch anything that is not challenging or thrilling. They also look forward to better things and a new day no matter what kind of negativity or hardships that are thrown at them or that get in the way.

Dona and Vogue: Well, we’ve looked at quite a few numbers and Astrology information. Is your head spinning like ours? With the information we have covered, which couple do you think is going to be eliminated next? Based on what your gut is telling you, do the numbers and astrology information match? Can you predict which couples will make the final three? And best yet, can you tell which couple will end up being the final victors in this Battle of the 9’s? Head on down to the comments section and tell us what you think. Thanks for reading. 🙂