Conrad Green Interviewed About His Last Season Of Dancing With The Stars

Conrad Green sat down with his last interview for Dancing With The Stars with the Hollywood Reporter. The departing executive producer talks of his best moments, the “jeopardy” elimination, this season’s contestants and competition, and lots lots more you won’t want to miss reading. Here is just a small take. Read more at the link and thanks to Lori for sending.

You’ve been ruling Planet Mirrorballus since its bizarre cosmic inception. Is it bittersweet to end this fantastic voyage?

It is sad. I feel like I’ve seen the show grow from nothing to this great big thing now. It’s brilliant when you meet people in the audience and you see the joy and delight — they’ve come from all over the country and you’ve made their year because they’ve got to come watch it. When you realize how much people enjoy it — and it’s such a positive show, ultimately — it’s heart-wrenching.

Being in the audience really is like entering a different time and space in which enthusiasm rules.

You get whipped up! That’s what we try to do as a show — that’s why seeing some of the more negative comments about it can be a bit soul-destroying. You’re trying to make something that’s genuinely joyous and fun and positive and exciting. I think we all feel proud. To think about some of what Maks has done this season, or some of what Derek’s done, or Karina, or Cheryl — it’s pretty cool to be able to bring back this kind of old-fashioned, theatrical showy performance to TV and actually prove it can work in the modern world.

ADDING: This is an interesting comment we’ve all wondered on at times too. I’m still not convinced there isn’t some “fixing” going on…maybe not always, but, there is sometimes.

What kind of negative comments frustrated you the most?

When people write in that they think we’re fixing the votes. Have you ever seen the Broadcast Standards people? They go around checking every vote that comes in. So the idea that we’re sitting here, the evil puppet masters saying “That judge should say that to Maks” and “This judge should give a 7” — it’s like, why would I care? And if I did care, why would I have Derek win every f***ing time? Know what I mean? It’d be a much different show if I could control the destiny of everyone. It isn’t a big conspiracy. This isn’t the Derek Hough Conspiracy Society. It’s a dance show.