DWTS Season 18, THE FINALE, Part 1 – Let’s Recap Tonight’s Show (Spoilers)

Once again, due to heavy traffic, we have to institute a few ground rules for tonight show. Most of these are good rules ALL OF THE TIME, and are basic netiquette.

  1. DO NOT hit refresh every few seconds – in fact, do not hit refresh every five minutes! Read, comment if you like, then walk away from the computer for five to ten minutes. I know this is hard, but it will prevent others from losing their minds trying to read and/or update the site.
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  3. Try very hard to keep the ugly to a minimum. Think before you post. If you’ve been called out previously on this blog for your behavior, this will be extra important because there’s only so much I will tolerate. I’m not talking about differing opinions, I’m talking about nasty. If I get the sense that you are purposely trolling  (look it up if you’re not sure), I will just block you. No warning other than this one.

Again, we’ve turned on the Comment Moderation feature for the entire site. That way, in the event of an unexpected elimination, we can week out any trouble makers that much quicker. 😉

Tonight’s Drinking Game: Take a  shot every time they show Mark getting hurt and ask if he will dance. Take a double shot every time someone mentions that Maks has never won before. Triple shot if it’s Maks himself.  See you all in rehab tomorrow. 🙂

ETA: Well, you oughta be half drunk already. 🙂  Everyone looks pretty though.

ETA: James is IN IT TO WIN IT. Take that Meryl and Maks shippers…oh don’t worry, you’ll get your kissing. 😛  Really, good dance from James.

Can’t believe Meryl is finally going second….now when it no longer matters. Guess they did learn from Zendaya, eh?

ETA3: Good dance by Meryl and Maks, but I still don’t feel all this magic that I sense I’m supposed to get. 🙂

ETA4: Poor Candace and Mark. She struggled with that dance and I have a feeling she’ll get a more generous score than she should…but hell, they were right. That had to be harder than hell to have Mark go down and be uncertain if he would dance with you or not, but she held up really well. She looked very pretty too. 🙂  Love her.

ETA5: WOW. Are we sure that Amy is a double amputee?? Cuz that dance was a big ole FU to her critics. LOL.  And Jennifer Grey in the audience looking like she was going to lose it complete. Awesome. 😀

ETA6: Great freestyle by James!! Loved it. Looked like Sonya might have choreo’d it.

ETA7: Whoa, Evan dude lighten up!

ETA8 Boy, I’m really surprised by that almost kiss. And that dance didn’t look anything like Derek and Kelly’s. Except for the staging, the lighting, almost costume too. 😀

ETA9: Love Tom making fun of the whole teddy bear thing. And really seriously even the comments from Len and Bruno were the same as they were for Kelly’s freestyle.

ETA10: I was too nervous to even watch Candace and Mark, I was afraid Mark’s damn shoulder was going pop out. Boy has balls that’s for sure.

ETA11: Nope, no agenda. CAI starting to sound like Meryl and Maks fans – asking about lifts less than half an hour after Meryl did a dance with just as many. :::rolls eyes::: At least she didn’t purposely underscore her cuz she didn’t like the rope, LEN.  THIS is what we’re talking about when we way that other couples get away with shit that Derek can’t.  Anyway, beautiful dance – I was nervous the whole time, wondering what Derek was up to.

ETA12: When I’m right, I’m right. Not even 15 minutes ago I said that the very bad score on Candace’s freestyle likely meant that Candace was going through. Not surprising.  And they were likely called safe in the order they will place tomorrow. Meryl, Amy and then Candace.  But it doesn’t have to be if everyone VOTES!! 😉