DWTS Season 18, THE FINALE, Part 2 – Let’s Recap Tonight’s Show (Spoilers)

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So, if you’re in rehab from the drinking during last night’s show, raise your hand. 😀

Let’s just get the Meryl/Maks Harlequin hour over with and hope for better next season.

ETA1: Love all the stuff that came before the massive trainwreck on National TV. LOL!! Somethings wrong with your ears, Iggy? :::snort::::

Anyway, I love that they let James have the encore since he was winning MASSIVELY – so massively that Meryl/Maks fans should be glad that his fans didn’t properly harness their voting power.

ETA2: You GO Amber Riley!! Amazing.

ETA3: I love the Erin Andrews dress rehearsal clips. I wish we would’ve seen more of that on TV. But I should say that she did settle nicely into the hosting role.

Meryl and Charlie do their ice routine on the floor. Nope, they’re not ringers. How do I love Charlie? Let me count the ways. 🙂

I still love the dishes also known as Jenna and Lindsay. 🙂

So, for those not watching live…Charlie and Meryl only did a bumper and it looked like one of their skating routines. Amber also did a bumper but they said she would be back later with a full song and 20 dancers.

Cody is “singing” surfboard. Whitney looks amazing!

Derek and Amy drew At and cha cha. .

Oh. My. God why isn’t Charlie in the finale?? Supercali was even better and more impressive this time around. Of course he killed the umbrella. I hope Sharna learned something from this experience. 🙂

Ariana grande is taking way too much time on my TV.

Amber slayed her song. Awesome. Not commenting on the gag fest that occurred before that.

Amy had me crying even before she danced. Amazing fusion!!

I do love Candace and mark. Such a cute couple. Surprisingly good samba quickstep fusion!

Seriously, the judges couldn’t give Candace ONE 10? Bastards.

Lots of running in Meryl and Maks fusion and Maks took the easy way of not really fusing the dances, but doing on after the other…plus there was an obvious mistake in the middle that won’t get called.

Aaand, of course they get a 30 and a tongue bath.

Third place goes to….Candace and Mark. Congrats on a great season!!

Who would have believed that Amy would be standing next to Meryl at the end?? And Candace?! Amazing. Meryl’s a great dancer, but that’s not surprising. Amy and Candace should be so proud!

And finally….
THE WINNER IS….Meryl Davis!! Congrats to her and Maks.